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Gold Championship 212 Official!

Meel Paloja

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Re: Gold Championship 212 Official!

Take over Barcelona recently:

currently play 4 games, won only once.. Barcelona worst manager ever after took over control recently, break the worst record in Barcelona history. Chairman of Barcelona had speak to the media, the manager is still secure his job. Unhappy manager blame for the tactical display and will continous playing mentality v.defensive. Fans are unhappy why such a good team play v.defensive mentality and advice sack manager during the matches against Real Murcia. Boo around the corner. Selling of Xavi and Alonso due to they want to leave Barcelona for better team. Will accept any bid if reasonable.

Wed 25 Sep Friendly [A] 1 - 0 Kryvbas Kryvy Rih

Sat 28 Sep Division 1 [A] 3 - 3 Sevilla

Mon 30 Sep Spanish Shield Final [N] 1 - 6 Sevilla (LOSE CUP)

Wed 2 Oct Division 1 [H] 1 - 1 Valencia

Sat 5 Oct Division 1 [A] 1 - 3 Real Murcia

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