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Giorgos Katidis (Greece U-19 Captain)


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Giorgos Katidis


Age : 19

Nationality : Greek

Current Club : AEK Athens

National Team : Greece U-19 (Captain)

Rating : 76 (in DB)

Player Profile :

Katidis is what we call a versatile player in the Mid. His main position is CM/DM and he can handle both defense and offense. He definitely has approved his offensive skills as the Greek captain scored 5 times as DM (!), at U-19 Euro 2012, last summer. Two of which goals came in the deciding group encounter against Portugal which helped the 2007 runners-up into the last four. He also had an invaluable presence in the semi-final against England when Greece were reduced to ten men. The impressive performances of Katidis led Greece to the U-19 Euro 12' final, where Greece finally lost 1-0 by Spain.


According to the official website of UEFA Katidis is among the top 10 talents of the European Under-19 Championship 2012 (http://www.uefa.com/under19/news/newsid=1841410.html).

Transfer History, 2012 :

Right after his top performances at the U-19 European Championship of 2012, Katidis' club Aris Thessaloniki rejected an offer of 400k from Everton. His higher market value was the main issue. Although, because of a minimum fee that has been set by Aris in the past, any Greek club could buy him for a fee of 100k. Obviously, right after the Euro’s, all the Greek giants (Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Paok etc) were also interested for the player, but he finally joined Aek Athens as he mentioned that he was in need of playtime.


His Future :

Right now Katidis has made 2 league appearances already with AEK and it’s more than obvious that he will probably have a full season as long as he stays away from cards & injuries. Aek Athens are facing tough days, due to financial problems and they’ve been forced to play with almost their whole youth team (Avg. Age: 22.5 yrs). My prediction is that he will keep going higher and higher and it will be matter of time to make the next step to a bigger club. I suggest you to keep an eye on him, so stay tuned for updates B).

Age : 19 yrs | SM Rating : 76 > [81/82] Rose to 82 (9 Jan 13)

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Re: Giorgos Katidis (Greece U-19 Captain)

Great report mate. Well done! Have repped you as well. Going to start buying him in my setups :).

Thanks bud' date=' I'm glad you liked it. He's deffo one for the future. Trust me ;)

Yes great report men! I saw the games of U-19 and this guy made a good impresion in my eyes! Keep us update... :D

The games i watch, Him, Stafyliis, Bougaidis and Fourtounis look decent players..

Lol ye thanks and I got to say that you're on the point. Stafylidis & Bougaidis are some fine players too. In fact I was thinking of doing a little something for Stafylidis soon ;]

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