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Serie A Rating Predictions

Peppo Espy

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Is Barzagli worth signing? I've read that he's playing well, but do people think he can rise to 92? is there any news about him playing next season, and if so can he maintain a 91?


If he could hold a 91 rating he would probably be worth buying for me as he's so cheap.



Best Juventus defender without any doubt, deserved 92 or 93 in the last two years. He should keep without any problem the 91 rating

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Pereyra will soon be a squad player meaning stuck on 90. Juve have aims to get Saponara and whoever else that would put him on the bench. To sum up he is not an invaluable starter

Murillo will certainly get 89 but 90 would need him to win the scudetto. Inter are struggling now and Juve do not look like letting slip not to mention the Napoli team. Unlikely to get 90 maybe next winter

Albiol while playing well is considered the weak link in that defence by management. They want Maksimovic ideally. Unlikely to see him rise and if were to rise he would be benched later and possibly drop- I wouldn't say worth the risk

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