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Serie A Rating Predictions

Peppo Espy

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8 minutes ago, Spiderl4nd said:

I would say 84 but i don't want to be too optimistic. Anyway Serie A is a higher rated place than League 1 and to play in a team like AC Milan at this age (scoring a fantastic goal in the win against Juventus) is extraordinary :)

Absolutely agree that he deserves it. Outstanding player for his age, has scored 2 great goals, runs the midfield for Milan.  It'll be interesting to see what he gets. 

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On 15/12/2016 at 7:42 PM, EnglishPirlo said:

After the mess up on Malang Sarr's rating, anyone want to hazard a guess at what Manuel Locatelli will get?!

83, maybe even 84. More hype than Sarr

On 15/12/2016 at 8:31 PM, Riggs said:

Hysaj's rating as always will be hilarious. They'll give him a plus 1, when he should have got that a ways back. Should get a plus 2 giving the 90s they've dished out in the french league but wouldn't hold me breath


6 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

Serie A review completed without a single high profil rise?? Not even hysaj or Sandro or strootman ??

Lol it just started 

5 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Udinese to Palermo done today! Thank God they seem to be flying through the lower ranked teams! 

Yeah, and they did a bit of Bologna today. Why can't they finish team by team?

4 hours ago, RogerioCeni said:

It exaggeration to wait Linetty +2?

Probably +1

52 minutes ago, Lucas Fiorino said:

Italy Seria A started to review. Any good inversion to a young player with a good rise? (for example Locatelli)

Check my thread

43 minutes ago, FunkmasterFlex said:

Ive put a couple of bids in for Hysaj and Bernadeschi. What chance have these guys got of hitting 89/90?

Bet both will get 89

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