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Serie A Rating Predictions

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Internet Explorer is faster than the speed they are reviewing Italy at

Juventus Benatia 91/92 Lichtsteiner 90/91 Howedes 90 Marchisio 92/91 Pjanic 94/93 Bentancur 87/88 Dybala 93/94   Napoli Hysaj 91 Albiol 90/89

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4 hours ago, Monolithic said:

A big rise for Barella from 75 to 82. Deserved, but inconsistent from SM. Maybe they learnt from the Sarr error.

Miangue with a nice rise from 70 to 77 also.

I don't get that either. They can't realise they've made a mistake and then correct for all other player but just leave Sarr well underrated. I guess they're going to review Sarr again in a month or so. Like they did with Pulisic half a year ago. At least I hope they will cos it doesn't make sense. 

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3 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Well if Icardi gets 91 then Dybala must get 92.... But this is SM 


Count on nothing 

As good as dybala is, he doesn't start enough matches. And giving 92 to a player he needs to be on field regularly doing something special. He doesn't have enough assists or goals, just good feet atm.

But hey Joao Mario got +1 so only SM knows what they consider special.

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7 minutes ago, jgos2 said:

its hype for Belotti but it might be justified. Now he is the No 1 Italian striker and that means world cup and euro runs.

I'm still waiting for Bernardeschi.........Fiorentina got big big rises except their no 1 left back from 84 to 85.

Bernardeschi must surely be 90 now. 90s across the board for everyone!! Hurrah!! It's christmasssssss!!!

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7 hours ago, MarkeVB91 said:

Edoardo Goldaniga?

Has been very poor this season, maybe could have got +1 though


2 minutes ago, jgos2 said:

I'm still waiting for Bernardeschi.........Fiorentina got big big rises except their no 1 left back from 84 to 85.

+2 for Bernardeschi tomorrow going by that.

Milic is terrible, he didn't deserve anything more 

4 minutes ago, Riggs said:

Interesting. A plus 3 to 90 on the back of half a season at a mid table Italian club. Fanatastic. Like handing out sweets these ratings. Wonder what Immobile will get now. Surely he should be 90 too

In fairness to Belotti it's two half seasons of this form, he only had one goal before christmas last year.

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I think it's true that a lot of the rises like Belotti are mainly based on him becoming a regular international. From my point of view, his performances in the league are actually quite inconsistent, when he's good he's really good but sometimes anonymous. Having said this, I still agree that 90 is a stretch at this time. Not dissimilar to Immobile actually so I agree that I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to 90 too but undeserved. On this logic, a case for Donnarumma getting 88 could be made but I still think he's a nailed on 87 on this review

Makes me wonder what the likes of Pulisic and Mor will get, because they are part-time starters, part-time subs for Dortmund, but both regular internationals with tournament experience too. Henrichs too, starter every match when fit for Leverkusen and got first senior cap. It's going to be interesting, I wouldn't be surprised to see some 85's for these.

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Belltti is a great player and now the AC of the Italian National Team. Really you think that 87 is the Belloti Rate? Icardi is in Inter ok a big team but from Icardi arrieve what good league had the Inter? Icardi never was call for the Argwntina National team, Dybala yes (same raring), Pratto yes (87 rating), Alario yes (86 rating). So really Icardi is better that Bellotti? Really Icardi must be the same rating that Dybala?

Come on....

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