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Serie A Rating Predictions

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Internet Explorer is faster than the speed they are reviewing Italy at

Juventus Benatia 91/92 Lichtsteiner 90/91 Howedes 90 Marchisio 92/91 Pjanic 94/93 Bentancur 87/88 Dybala 93/94   Napoli Hysaj 91 Albiol 90/89

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1 hour ago, DP 91 said:

Elseid Hysaj still only got a +1 to 89 which he should have got last time around anyway. 

Over 13,500 minutes for Hysaj in the past 5 Serie A seasons where he has consistently been one of the best RBs in the division. A great Euros where fullbacks across the tournament tended to stand out anyway.

And Hysaj deserve 90.

Kessie only 86?? :lol:


what an absolute catastrophe of a ratings update for myself. Koulibaly and Mario both hit 91 after I flogged them days before. If i could swear without getting an infraction I would. 


Sm staff not have competence to make right review, please. They'll go to play curling.

Then they hate criticism. No balls for come in to speak with us, no balls.


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5 hours ago, RogerioCeni said:

Linetty was forgotten?

After Sidibé, i hoped for Hysaj 90 too.

Indeed Linetty seems to be but I hope they might still cover him late, like Koziello was for Nice.

Linetty since getting an 85 has moved to Serie A with Sampdoria, become a mainstay in the midfield, a key player in fact alongside Torreira whom got a small rise. Linetty himself has also played more for the national side since the previous 85 rating he obtained at Lech Poznan. Torreira to 86 & Linetty to 87 was my expectations based upon Sampdoria being a middle of the row side in Serie A this season, instead they are almost both overlooked.

Kessie has been performing better than an 86 however this was a +6 & on what has really been a breakthrough season, I felt that Kessie was right at this time. Conti & Caldara right now seem to have been missed however from Atalanta. 

I genuinely feel that Serie A is overlooked, neglected & certainly not covered properly by anyone with true knowledge of the league, whether that is via the Wiki or from SM representatives themselves. 

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16 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:


For me personally this is the worst rating gone wrong by a stretch so far.

1 hour ago, Hail Mary said:

I wonder what shocks we're in store for this morning. I hope Pjanic gets an +1. Classy player is Pjanic.  I have a feeling Dybala will rise as well. The review has just gone that way so far. 

A Dybala rise would be absurd.

Safe to say Donnarumma is the most expensive team ever on SM and the record won't be broken? If Renato rises he'll be more expensive but 2 years his elder.

Also some rises just not warrented for me like Bonnaventura 91 is to much 90 was fine. Teams not even in Europe and gets a 91 J.Gimenez done so much and didn't even get a plus 1. 

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Bonaventura is a funny one, for each of his last three rises I haven't expected it but I can't really say they are undeserved either

+2 is maybe a bit much for Lemina and Paredes

Bernardeschi probably deserved +1 since he has seven goals this season but his performances have been very hit and miss from what I've seen so no rise isn't that bad a decision

Felipe Anderson getting DR added is stupid he should have just MR like Tello and Bernardeschi

They seem to have misses Andrea Conti altogether but I guess he'll get a +3 in the next few days

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3 minutes ago, Hail Mary said:

He was great last season and he has carried that form onto this season. He has been one of Milan's best players. Well deserved +1 I'd say. Just my opinion though. 

Absolutely agree, he's quality... Easily on par with Mandzukic, IMO even at 23 he offers more to Juve than the big man...

One can only assume the managment read these threads as they were so over generous in France and held back big time in Italy 

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I'm not saying he's been bad I know he's been good but 91 for a team not even in Europe doesn't sit well with me. Also Milan have picked up on last season but they're still not a great side. I don't think any team should have a 91 when they're not in Europe unless they bought him recently or was already rated 90 or above beforehand when they were in Europe. Just my opinion it also makes some ratings look wrong but whatever ....

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1 hour ago, th3stain said:

Felipe Anderson can now play right back. What? I guess someone who can change positions needed a RB in his team

Utter utter corruption. That is exactly why his position was changed. A power that be plays somewhere in a highly competitive league, where players and right backs are scarce, and stacks the cards in their favour with a simple position change.I sound absolutely mental saying it i know but everyone knows it's true. These rartings can drive you to the edge of loola-ness. All you can do is just kick back and watch it all burn

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