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Serie A Rating Predictions

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Internet Explorer is faster than the speed they are reviewing Italy at

Juventus Benatia 91/92 Lichtsteiner 90/91 Howedes 90 Marchisio 92/91 Pjanic 94/93 Bentancur 87/88 Dybala 93/94   Napoli Hysaj 91 Albiol 90/89

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2 hours ago, lunastorta said:
3 hours ago, th3stain said:

Bonaventura 91 - 15 league games/2 goals/5 assists.

Joao Mario 91 -  14/1/3.

Bernardeschi 88 - 17/7/1.

Makes little sense.

 I am pretty sure its not just the stats that increases or decreases a players value. The impact of the player for his team and how eye-catching his performances are. 

If Bernardeschi gets linked to a top team continuously he will soon get a rise regardless of his form ?

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Felipe Anderson has played 90% of his games as a RW & the rest as a SS & he somehow gets a RB positioning, he doesn't even get back out of possession to defend as a RWB let alone RB, absolutely absurd. I believe he has been given this RB/RWB versatility because Lazio have adapted at times a 3-5-2 but should there have been games watched it's evident he is not a RB & even a RWB is a huge overstep. 

As mentioned, he's a higher rated RB than Elseid Hysaj, genuinely is there some kind of racist anti-Albanian establishment or something because this is actually quite the insult. 

Pjanic +1 was perhaps a little sooner than it should have been however he is 93 quality, what however is slightly not right is that now Marchisio is rated the same as him & I believe is a far more superior & important player, even within the Juve side you can see the important of Marchisio over Pjanic. 

Even Alex Sandro went to 91. On the basis of this season he has been that good however he played 1500 minutes the whole of last season & wasn't an overly dominant LB in terms of defending or attacking phases. Hysaj competed over double the minutes & certainly defensively was twice the player Sandro was however less efficient going forward which is more so down to Napoli playing a back 4 to Juve playing a 3-5-2. 

Dybala had a 93 season last time out & has been hit by injury this term however has still shown in the minutes that he did play that he is better than a 91 rated player for sure, he's now on par with Icardi who has a considerable amount less to his game overall than Paulo does. 

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Fulsome rise for many Roma's players and not +1 for Juventus, except Sandro and Pjanic?

Higuain? Dybala? Bonucci? Barzagli? Or Mandzukic?

You increase the rating for players who have not won anything (Roma, Napoli, Milan, Brozovic and Joao Mario - Inter!!!) and no rise for who win championship and national cup for 5 years in row?

What's wrong with you, SM?

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7 minutes ago, TMCosta said:

Since he get the 90?!...was hired for 40 something million...and entered to starting XI...and made a difference in a crapy team.


Bonaventura 91 - 21 M

Joao Mario 91 -  35 M.

Bernardeschi 88 - 16 M

And i didnt said that i agree...just dont compare with 2 trashy players who didn t won anything ever...... :)

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