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Serie A Rating Predictions

Peppo Espy

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Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

Andreolli comes after Samuel, Ranocchia, Campagnaro and Juan Jesus, like previously stated he'll be a bench player. But he's a very good defender, Inter needed depth in defense and Andreolli is definitely a great replacement. He might get to 88 if he gets some minutes during the season but I don't expect anything more

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Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

Thank you' date=' Who would you recommend to buy (based on most likely to rise in the shortest period of time?) :D[/quote']

Few players that spring to my mind:

  1. Vidal
  2. Juan Jesus
  3. Cerci
  4. Florenzi
  5. Livaja

I dunno if they have already risen...

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Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

Ok' date=' so 89 very soon & then 90 after next season, what about Marchisio? Possible rise?? Juan Jesus to 88?[/quote']

no no, 89 is most likely but to get a 90 , He'll have to continue his form from last season. The 90 isn't guaranteed.

Marchisio should stay imo. Vidal is the one that deserves the rise which is to a 93.

Juan Jesus has a big chance at an 88 but Inter need to not finish badly this season. If He plays as much minutes as last season in our team which he should, 88 is not out of the question.

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