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Fifa 13 JC Allstars Thread


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JC Allstars Are Created

After what was a very successful campaign last season JC has decided to waste no time in preparing for the new season with 5 new signings.

After the manager made an overhaul from the low quality stars he had at his disposal. JC then decided to cash in on the players sales and bring in some new fresh faces. Most seemingly coming from none other than Arsenal. (:P)

GK's - Firstly Szczesny was snapped up for a bargain 800 coins, which was then followed by his compatriot Mannone for a slighlty cheaper fee of just 600 coins. The pair know each other very well from their days at Arsenal.

When we asked JC what he thought about his two Keeping additions he added.

"I am an old fashioned manager, I start from the Goalkeeper and push my way up the team. Luckily for me the option was there to buy the pair for a very low and discounted price so I did. The pair have been around for a few years now and have made a really great impression on myself and many neutral fans world wide. These buy's was a no brainer for me."

The Allstars didn't stop there however they then strengthened their defence with two new additions, once again from Arsenal. Brazilian left back Andre Santos and youngster Carl Jenkinson both signed for a reported fee of 1100 coins.

The pair will help fill the Left and Right back slots at the club, however rumour has it that the manager is still looking for more defenders.

We asked JC who is his targets for the upcoming season.

"Well to be honest I don't have a shortlist... It is a very long list. I would like to bring in some pace and strength at the back. However the only thing stopping me is the cash flow. I can't go out and bring in a Sergio Ramos or Pique, so i will have to do some wheeling and dealing and pull some strings here and there"

JC's Allstars then wrapped up their first day of the window with another fellow young Arsenal man by the name of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. The club paid a record 4300 coins for the young English man, who they hope will re-pay them with goals and assists.

"I am very proud to say we have managed to bring in such a great talent like Chamberlain. The man is an inspiration to all the young people out there who want to make it as a top footballer. He has already shown his class in all levels of football whether that being in the Champions League or Premier League or even at the Euro's. It was clear the man has great talent, and I am glad to bring him here.


Hope you lot enjoyed reading that. Please leave me some feedback, try not to be to negative :) Thanks guys :D

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Re: Fifa 13 JC Allstars Thread

Good read' date=' What formation you using?[/quote']

Thanks. I am writing as if it ain't me, and that I'm just a reporter if you get me.

I am using 4-3-3 the best formation for attacking wing play :D

4-1-2-1-2 ain't to bad either. I might try that formation out out with my BPL squad later :)

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