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Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Bayern München NEUER, Manuel GK 95 ⇒ 95 REINA, Pepe GK 91 ⇘ 91/90 STARKE, Tom GK 87 ⇘ 87/86 LAHM, Philipp D(RL),DM(RLC) 95 ⇒ 95 ALABA, David D,DM(L),M(LC) 93 ⇗

Ratings 2012/2013 by timesle I talked to Phil recently and he told me that he is not going to make a new prediction thread for the next rating changes. Of course these are bad news for the whole for

Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Updated: December 14th, 2012 Goalkeeper Risers Marc-André TER STEGEN 87 => 88 / 89 Bernd LENO 87 => 88 Kevin TRAPP 86 => 87 Sebast

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Tah made first start in the Bundesliga.

Artur Sobiech scored again.

Szab Hus scored AGAIN

Modeste scored AGAIN

Olic scored x 2

Werder win when Ignjovski starts

Kruse, Arango, Kramer being amazing AGAIN

Nik Stark back in starting line up getting a draw v BVB

some players there deserve a rating increase by far.

Gunter european debut for Freiburg

super Zamb owning for Eintracht in the Europa too

Alls need is Zambrano to score 5 hat tricks tomorrow.. might get his 88 then :rolleyes:v:rolleyes:

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Hiya .

I was looking through my squad before and realised I have a lot of players in the Bundesliga.

What are you opinions on them.

Cheers .




A Muller

Bas Dost


R Rodriguez



Thanks alot.

Sakai: Starter for Stuttgart - which does not mean that he is good. If you can get another player for him, then do it. I don't think he will rise anytime soon.

Toprak: Very talented. Keep him, he is a starter for Leverkusen - which does mean a lot. Playing CL and playing good 89 is not the end of the line. He has potential for 92+ (not at Leverkusen though).

Ignjovski: He is doing ok in a team which is only a shadow of its former self. Nothing special in a team full of "nothing specials".

A Muller: Who is this? Never heard of a A.Müller

Bas Dost: A tough one. He is still injured and hasn't played a minute this season. Hecking doesn't like him too much but on the other hand he sold Helmes to Köln and kept Dost as the only backup for Olic. I would keep him until the end of the season to see how he performs.

Kehl: A very important player for Dortmund - but not necessarily on the field. He is getting older and Dortmund has a lot of young alternatives on his position. Will get enough minutes to keep his rating this season though.

R.Rodriguez: Very talented, haunted by big clubs. Keep him to see how he develops. Starter for Wolfsburg.

Xhaka: Had a very mediocre first season at Mönchengladbach. Is starting to get used to Bundesliga, is a starter for his team - but he makes the game pretty slow sometimes. Lots of potential, wait to see if he is able to continue his development.

Hrgota: Is not getting too many minutes right now, hasn't convinced me yet.

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

What about these guys' date=' keep/sell?

GROSSKREUTZ, Kevin - [b']sell if dont need him

[/b] JUNG, Sebastian keep

RODE, Sebastian keep

SORG, Oliver depending the rest of your team, I preffer Jung

GINTER, Matthias keep

CAN, Emre keep

TRAORÉ, Ibrahima sell

STARK, Niklas sell


My opinion in bold

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