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Bundesliga Ratings Discussion


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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

When Bayern's midfield is fully injury-free' date=' then Schweinsteiger in his current form should be benched rather than Kroos.

IMO Schweinsteiger could be one of the biggest losers from Guardiola's changes, for a sole DM he lacks the speed and the physical attributes, for an AM again the speed and the creativity.

His position as a CM where he could show his vision and passing skills has been optimally suited for him, but in Pep's current tactics, that position doesn't exist any more.[/quote']

So you'd rather see Kroos playing in a central holding role? IMO that would work domestically, but against stronger opposition Bayern need the box-to-box guy who controlls and distributes from the middle. I'd agree that his speed isn't optimal for a holding CM position, but his positioning and (defensive) intelligence makes up for that.

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Christoph Kramer is good? Will he rise much in this season?

So so so so so so good.

Never stops running, he's like a racehorse, he wont stop til his heart explodes, but he is so much more, wins ball back, passes well, plays with such passion.

Hope Gladbach keep him, Leverkusen might recall him though, either way the kids a star, and finds playing in the BuLi so easy.

Could be 87/88 by end of season if Gladbach carry on, they're so good to watch

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