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Bundesliga Ratings Discussion


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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

I dont have enough money' date=' my only option is to sell Sven to get Lars


I could try sell Sven for 20 mil and sign Lars and Emre Can with the cash since they are both at unmanaged teams?[/quote']

If you are sure that you can get Lars and Can with the cash..do it.

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Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Hi guys I would like to know from you experts who will have an increase of more than 3 in this league? I need to make money thanks :) C

I think these will:

Karius (Mainz)

Brandt (Leverkusen)

Wimmer (Koln)

Giesselmann (Furth)

PS: I'm not an expert. :P

I've only known the last 2, since New Dawn Fades told me about them. :o

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Not bothered about that' date='but is he playing as a striker or behind the striker?[/quote']

He mainly plays behind the striker. Last match he played as a striker, but it wont happen many times. He's a typicall AMC, although he can play everywhere upfront.

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