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Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

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Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Why? Ricardo is doing well by some season' date=' Bernat is playing high level by this season. Players should increase step by step.

I don't know if Robben will drop. I'm afraid of Lukasz drop: if it'll happen I will carry on considering him the best european RB.[/quote']

Bernat should have rose to 90 last time out he didn't so he'll likely get 90 this time and even if he did go to 90 last time 91 pushing it and you can't really compare Rodriguez to Bernat for reasons explained but i wouldn't put 91 past SM got no idea what they do ratings wise nowadays.

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Firmino no chance for +1?

Wendell +2?

Hakan +1?

Jedvaj +1?

Hobjerg +1?

Benatia +1?

Thanks :)

Benatia stay , but Chalhanoglu deserves a plus two as does Firmino +1 but be very surprised if it happens.

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Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

Ricardo Rodriguez - 91 yes

Heung-Min Son - 90 yes

Tin Jedvaj - 87 a +1' date=' tops (he hasn't played that much since his last review)


Opinion in quote.

Piscszek e Robben -1? :o

Piszczek yes.

A drop for Robben would be a new low for SW.

Firmino no chance for +1? don't think so' date=' great player tho

Wendell +2? or a +3

Hakan +1? yes

Jedvaj +1? probably

Hobjerg +1? I wouldn't give it to him. But then again, he got a +3 after playing less than 300 minutes, so what do I know? :o

Benatia +1? no

Thanks :)[/quote']

Opinion in quote.

What about a rise for John Anthony Brooks?

Hertha are poor' date=' but at least they stayed up.

Remaining in the Bundesliga has its merits and Brooks played almost 2500 minutes this season, so I'd give him a +1.

Any ideas when they will resume the Bundesliga review??

No clue, mate.

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