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I doubt Muller will go to 95 on the upcoming ratings possible the end of the season depending on CL success but Alaba and Boeteng deserve a rise Gotze could likely drop but he is injured and i don't know if they drop injured players but because he was not playing as good and as much as he should he looked like he could drop anyway. Thiago could rise to but he might not and it would be silly rising Thiago and not rising D.Costa (again). I think they should have left Costa alone and gave him a +2 and Thiago a +1. Alaba and Boateng definitely deserve to rise and I don't really see a argument for the two not to.

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Boateng & Alaba gotta get that +1, especially Alaba that dude is just ridiculous.

I think Muller with a +1 to 95 is solid.

Ribery should get a -2 to 92. Robben a -1 to 95.

Lewandowski getting a +1 to 95 because of a month of a great form is kind of ridiculous. but you can argue with everything he's achieved in his career, he's worth it. I'd agree.

Aubameyang definitely needs to be 93. he's been ridiculously good both this season and last - remember that, during Dortmund's implosion last year he still played great and put up big numbers. he's playing at an extremely high level.

Mkhitaryan +1 to 92 would be fair,

Weigl needs a +2 or +3, I think.

Brandt should get a +2

Calhanoglu a +1

Tah a +3 (he is so special, this kid)

Bas Dost should definitely get a +1, maaaaaybe even a +2

Yes I know' date=' I agree with you too. As you say Costa rose after 9 games played but you could consider Neymar got +1 just joining Barcelona one year ago without playing any game with his new club. The difference I want to underline is rising a 94 rp isn't the same rising a 88/89/90 rp.


Neymar didn't get a rise "just for joining Barcelona": he got 92 for winning the Confederations Cup (blasting Spain in the Final), and then rose to 93 in November, by which time he'd already scored or assisted in close wins against Valencia and Sevilla, won Barcelona a trophy with his goal against Atletico Madrid, and scored & assisted the only two Barcelona goals in his first Clasico, winning the game for the Blaugrana.

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Outstanding: not even 850 minutes, this season, and Coman goes from 83 to 87!!! :eek::o

SW is a bloody joke, driven by pure hype.

A bit more than 800 minutes should grant you a rise from 83 to 85, tops.

Meanwhile, Borja Bastón was last season's Spanish 2nd division topscorer.

He scored 22 goals and had 5 assists, in a total of 3391 minutes of game time.

Now he's an indisputable starter for a Spanish 1st division club and has 6 goals in 11 matches.

4007 minutes, 28 goals and 5 assists later, he's still stuck on 83.

Just give the lad his much deserved +3, for Christ's sake! :mad:

SW is just contradictions...

EDIT: Coman's rise from 77 to 82 was also based on thin air.

He got to 87 like Óliver Torres got to 86 - playing a little bit and with a whole lot of hype. :confused:

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Any thoughts on Karius? Worth getting in if you already have Casillas - who we know isn't going to last at 92 too much longer! Competitive gw and not too many keepers remaining. Casillas and Karius might be a nice combo without any concerns starting.

Also, I have a chance to get Matip in a gameworld but I need to muster up some funds. In doing so I think selling Leandro Castan might be the best way to do business since it's a bit tight with cash flow.

Worth selling Castan to bring in Matip? I know Castan had his injury and is due back soon but recent talk of him going on loan in January is worrying, and Rudiger is doing a good job for Roma at the minute.

But anyway, surely Matip will get 90 in the next update? Karius also up maybe?

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