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Bundesliga Ratings Discussion


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I have a choice between Toprak and Sokratis but I'm not that savvy on the Bundesliga. Wondering which has had the better season and which (if either) are likely to grow beyond their 90 rating?

I would fancy either to grow.

In truth both are replaceable.

Toprak isnt even a starter now, prob an 89 player

Sokratis does start and unlikely to be replaced soon so should keep his rating till end of next season.

And fahrmann has been poor. I don't care that Schalke nicked 4th. I would not expect a rating change for him

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Barcakes I thought if matip was gonna be 90 he'd have it by now.

See how he gets on at Liverpool next season but no European football probably hampers that.

He doesn't deserve it a couple great performances here or there then the atrociously bad ones overtake but nothing surprises me ratings wise anymore.

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