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10 hours ago, Ghora said:

Is Julio Villalba any good? Max. potential?

Not worth it I think, best buy from Gladbach is Mickael Cuisance, only 380k and at age of 18 getting his chances in the first team, probably +5 to 78 in the next review

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17 minutes ago, Middle_Finger said:

Is there any chance of STINDL getting a +1 this review? 

Also which players from AUGSBURG and HANOVER will get increases? 

Unlikely at the moment imo for Stindl.

For Augsburg, Rani Khedira, Kevin Danso and probably Phillip Max will get increases.

For Hannover, Waldemar Anton, Bebou, Bakalorz, and Fullkrug will probably get small/minimal rises.

From these 2 teams, the only players I would consider (for now) would be Khedira, Danso, Max, and Anton. Maybe Bebou too.


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9 minutes ago, dutza90 said:

Any ideas on Sorensen, Halstenberg, Vogt? 

Sorensen +1 to 89 (good defending abilities)
Halstenberg +1 to 88(so far) is is possible to rise at 89
Vogt +1 to 89 (an impressive defending player)

Nice picks. Winter window will come and this players get and rating increase.

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