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How to contact Soccer manager via email?


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Is there a way to do this? it is of course regarding a SMFA deal reversal which has left me pretty cheesed off (having spent two years trying to get a good club in GGW finally got one and just had my transfers reversed right in the middle of the season. For absolutly no reason at all.) I support the SMFA it does what it does but when there is no issue with either account to either persons knowledge and neither have ever had any dealings prior just seems very very unfair that this would happen when we have both been gold members for two years and we all know what its like when your building a team up you get into it then it gets pulled away and i feel pretty naffed off with it to tell you the truth. Legitimate deals that get reversed really i cannot see why that occurs. If the SMFA read our pm's you would see the deal as a whole clearly. I know im ranting a little but would like an explanation, i think the whole notion of 'thats the way it is and deal with it' attitude towards the SMFA is really dissrespectfull and toward players who have always gone into the game with a positive attitude and played the game the right way without any cheating to get burned by something like this on a game world that i am really enjoying is frustrating to say the least. As you ALL know there are players that people want, you can't just say 'oh just leave that manager and dont deal with them' as they have the key players you wish to recruit and are willing to pay for them. This has really soured my experience on this game, and is very dissapointing having recruited maybe 30-40 people into the game over two years. Not very happy SM.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: How to contact Soccer manager via email?

there used to be, but don't think there is anymore.

even if there was I doubt you'd get anywhere.

I wonder sometimes if before they go home at night the SM staff print off the 100 biggest transfers from the last 24 hours and line a chicken coup with it, and then in the morning any deals with chicken mess on get reversed:p

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