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Re: 87+ SEASON 12 PREVIEW Below is my rambling Season preview for the upcoming season. As always its just a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously Its not up to Stato's (Tranmere) quality of

Re: 87+ SEASON 10 PREVIEW Division 1 Guaratingueta Strength: Reigning back to back Division 1 champions that are fast becoming a powerhouse after retaining their title on the last day of last seas

Re: 87+ SEASON 11 PREVIEW Division 1 Rayo Vallecano Strength: Last seasons champions have started brightly winning the Charity Shield. One of this season's favourites for the title after scoring a

Re: 87+

Is there available place for me :?

I'll add you to the waiting list and if a place becomes available I can offer it to you. keep checking this thread and leave your in game name and a suitable team in case you get in before the setup is made.

If I don't get the details I will move on to the next person in the list (which at the moment is no one :o) :)

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Re: 87+

Excitement grows as we get ever nearer to the launch day! B)

Going to Start the draw for the League Composition soon...

1st team drawn will go into Division 1,

2nd team Div 2,

3rd team Div 1

4th team Div 2


I will draw one team periodically and announce of here straight away (for entertainment value :o)

Good luck all :)

Remember whatever division you end up in, with 4 up 4 down you might not stay in that division for long :eek:

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Re: 87+


Please could i join? Sounds a great idea.

Not sure how to apply. My settings say i cant send you a private message to apply as they are switched off' date=' not sure how to sort this.


Are Rochdale in any of the leagues? Thats who i support.[/quote']

Cheers mate your right it is a great idea :o:o:o lol

If you go to user CP in the menu bar at the top then private messages I think, you can turn on messaging :)

I'll add you name to the list of people waiting for vacancy's

If a place becomes available before it starts Rochdale would be eligable but I need your in game name too :)

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Re: 87+

Drum Roll..................

...and the first team out of the hat so to speak is.......

......more Drum Roll


....yes folks congratulations to tonyba's Como who are the first team drafted into Division 1 :)

I'm just glad it wasn't me up first or cries of fix might have ensued :eek:


Second pick

Drum Roll..................

...and the second team drawn is.......

......more Drum Roll

Greuther Furth

.....Rodrigo0's Greuther Furth are the first team drafted into division 2 :)

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Re: 87+

SM name: Kristian iankov(84rep.' date='ManUtd pic)

team :Crewe[/quote']

Cheers mate :)

Seems that it isn't my luck day :mad:. But it's ok' date=' in this kind of league sometimes the Division 2 is even better than the Division 1 :P.[/quote']

lol - yeah it doesn't really matter that much as it's up to you who you buy (blank squads) Div 2 might just end up stronger who knows;) Look on the bright side you have a 40% chance of promotion where as those in Div 1 have a 40% chance of relegation :D

I will take NK Varazdin then...

Thanks mate I'll add it :)

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Re: 87+

Just got back from holiday last night. Hope im not too late.

Marc Spicer (Forum - MaoaM) Rep 293.

Emblem is of Arsenal.

Also if I can pick a team id like UD Logrones

Cheers mate iv'e added your team and friend requested you :)

Launch day is Tuesday and am in the process of doing the draw for the leagues.

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