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Wierd results, bad luck or just irrational match-engine?


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Ok, I have Boca Juniors team. My second season.

Got promoted from 3rd to 2nd division and had a good run of wins until lately suffered 4 defeats in 5 games. Whats worse, got beaten by main rivals.

The situation: Valencia (89 rat), Boca Juniors (89 rat), Bilbao (89 rat), Udinese (90 rat), Man City (89 rat). As you can see the teams are pretty much equal.

Current table:

Valencia 54 pts

Bilbao 47

Boca Juniors 41

Man City 41

Udinese 41

I lost to unmanaged teams, but what I really want to know is: why I am getting beaten by Valencia and Bilbao - with tactics which in IMO should'v give me points!

So... if you did read this, than find some extra mins to take a look at these screenshots and analyze all the factors that contributed these results



I lost 2 times from Valencia this season and 3 times from Athletic Bilbao.

Id like to see what other fans of SM think of these two games.

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Re: Wierd results, bad luck or just irrational match-engine?

Keep it simple. What formation is he going to use and what style of play? Is his team poor, similar to, or better than mine? Do your homework, check his previous fixtures and see what he did to win in previous games and where he went wrong.

Now you set-up your team to have a clearly defined play-style and formation with consideration to your players abilities and what you think he is going to come at you with.

Read the guides on the play-style options, as both times you've gone with options that conflict and you do not have a play style to match your formation. Be aware of the effects they have on your game and most of all, the consequences.

If I were in your shoes, for both games I would have gone with a 4-2-3-1 with an emphasis on counter-attacking. I'd go normal tackling, defensive mentality, mixed passing/attacking, normal tempo, pressing in my own half only. Play-style, counter-attacking with tight marking and target man.


I assume from the team average rating, you're like for like ability wise, no need for tough tackling you'll just concede free kicks/penalties. Mentality defensive, passing and attacking are normal because the formation is balanced across all positions.

Look at it clearly, the 4-2-3-1 has excellent coverage of the pitch, I can send the ball anywhere I want it to go. Counter-attacking to match my mentality, I want to hit them after the defence soaks up an attack, which they should do very well in this formation.

No need for men behind the ball, I've got 4 defenders with 2 DMs covering them, countering his front men and support midfield, I've got enough behind the ball as it is. I can match his midfield all the way as they can be fed the ball all the way from the defence. My lone striker, the target man, can hold up the ball or play off the wings and the attacking midfielder who will feed him the ball.

Target man is optional on the counter-attack however, I don't care who gets the ball, so long as someone scores. My own CFs haven't scored a huge amount of goals this way, but they do have a lot of assists, providing good hold up play, passing on to my Wingers and AM who have scored lots of goals.

That is my opinion at least. I have done 1 season in SM so far and I took my team which had just three points (3 draws) in 10 games, bottom of the league, to sixth position and a few quarter finals. Not a huge achievement but none the less, it is good practice to scout out your opposition and define your play style and formation based on what you think he is likely to field on match day.

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Re: Wierd results, bad luck or just irrational match-engine?

SmokinJoe thanks for your response.

I am asuming smth else had affected the result against Valencia (eg. his form), otherwise with the possesion and the players available that should'v been my win. Two equal teams with almost same instructions given (except passing style), the whole difference was betwen his 4-5-1 against my 4-4-1-1, and me losing besides having the possesion? I'm sure you and everyone else wouldnt accept it if in my shoes.

P.S. activate your PM inbox plz.

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