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A New Forumer League(GOYKFA League)

Come Correct

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I plan to make a new forumer exclusive league with a few tweeks:

3 Divisions: the keep the exclusivity high and the thought of relegation makes you bottom of the packet

Youth League: along with the usual match days, the days for friendlies will be dedicated to a youth league(a table being posted in the thread for the league(they are classed as seperate league so your youth team can gain promotion while the senior team doesnt) rules to be decided.

High Economy: because of the above, the economy will be high to maintain two teams

2 Transfer windows: just like real life, there will be two transfer windows, but they will be 2 weeks(real life weeks) long, i would discourage hoarding as to keep a competitive league in all three divisions

i would also like to encourage selling as well as buying, if a player has a concern of 2-> or more during a transfer window then please give someone who could put that player to use a chance to use him(it could just be a loan as well) this doesnt count for players with a concern of 2<-(means their concern is lowering)

Managers will be sacked if they finish bottom 2: so managers who dont get in can get a chance to the next season(if you are in division 3) you can apply for a lower league team(if you have been relegated)

more to be added

pm your name for an invite(also with the name of your club of choice.


Division 1


Aston Villa





Manchester City

Manchester United

Newcastle United

Norwich City

Queens Park Rangers



Stoke City


Swansea City

Tottenham Hotspur

West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United

Wigan Athletic

Division 2


Birmingham City

Blackburn Rovers


Bolton Wanderers

Brighton and Hove Albion

Bristol City


Cardiff City

Charlton Athletic

Crystal Palace

Derby County

Huddersfield Town

Hull City

Ipswich Town

Leeds United

Leicester City



Nottingham Forest

Division 3

Peterborough United

Sheffield Wednesday


Wolverhampton Wanderers

AFC Bournemouth



Carlisle United

Colchester United

Coventry City

Crewe Alexandra

Doncaster Rovers

Hartlepool United

Leyton Orient

Notts County

Oldham Athletic

Preston North End


Shorpe United

Sheffield United

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Re: A New Forumer League(GOYKFA League)

do teams start deafult or empty? if not empty there is a disadvantage here and i think youll have a hard time filling this setup.

are there any critirieas for joining?

I had it on empty but changed it. There isnt really a criteria, i just wanted a world where more than 15 out of the usual 80 speak because it would be more fun. I have havent touched teams myself because it would be unfair.

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