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Official Manchester United Thread

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DDG is as good as gone IMO

If he was staying he would have come out and said something' date=' the fee is only rumoured to be 30m which sounds cheap in this day and age for a keeper like him.

Surely United will hold out for more then 30m?[/quote']

They could hold out of more, but then we risk losing him for nothing this summer. Of course, if we do well in CL/ win PL or something like that, DDG may be convinced to stay, but that is unlikely.

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That was a while ago Alex and I think that in current market,anything less then 50m for De Gea is a steal but bearing in mind thats his last year of the contract, I won't expect us to get this much and therefore I'd much rather let him go for free rather then those quoted 25m. At least he gives us a safe next year and then there's a probability that if we win the league, he could stay.

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On his day Sterling is a far better player than Young' date=' Valencia, Nani, Januzaj and does more up front than Wilson, plus has the potential to well and truly outgrow all of them. Only problem would be making sure he has his day everyday.[/quote']

I don't want him, his attitude stinks, I disagree with what you say

Sterling has pace but lacks in front of goal and hasn't got the strength

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Dani Alves has signed a new deal at Barcelona - will united go back in for Clyne or got another target

Still waiting on RB' date=' CB, some CM, Str

good news that it seems like Inter and Roma want Nani[/quote']

Thank christ for that - Dani Alves would be like playing Rafael all over again...

As for Roma and Inter wanting Nani, I doubt they'll be able to pay his price, as he still has quite a while remaining on his contract, not to mention his wages.

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