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Official Manchester United Thread

Rishabh Desai

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Hernandez to Leverkusen, Januzaj to Dortmund on loan, Lindegaard to West Brom on free, Valdes to somewhere, de Gea to Real (Navas in exchange). The revolving door ploughs on.

Surely we have to make a signing or two now. This is ridiculous otherwise, we can't have only Rooney, Wilson and Fellaini up front. One ageing out of form, one inexperienced and young, one central midfielder.

48 hours or so left, this will define our season. Crucial.

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36 mil for Martial- big big big gamble.

Loads of potential, but:

1. Price is way inflated due to Utd's desperation and the fact that it is Utd, not Spurs

2. Only 19 years old- risk

3. Not the experienced back-up we need

4. Isn't a 20-goal striker (yet)

Utd taking the definition of Deadline Day to new heights.

LvG said no panic buys- so we need to hope for the best. If Adnan is going out on loan then we need another winger/striker apart from Martial.

Something big is happening..............c'mon Eddie!

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Considering there aren't any world class strikers available going for a young mobile pacey striker with potential who is highly regarded by the French national side isn't a terrible idea.

From what I understand Martial isn't too shabby as a winger either, we've been screaming out for a player of his mould but we all want the finished article which doesn't exist in the market. The fee doesn't bother me when clubs are throwing similar fees around bit like Shaw you're investing in a player for more than a couple of seasons.

It's a gamble but I would genuinely prefer going for the exact type of player we need than buying a name like Cavani for £44m

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If a 50M euro deal for 19 year old player with only a full season in Ligue 1 isn't a terrible idea' date=' i don't know what it is. Well, that team is doomed anyway, so why not.[/quote']


and anyway all sorts of prices are being quoted at the moment, it seems to be 36 mil euros.

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Wait' date=' hasn't Martial ALREADY made a Champs Lge appearance for Monaco? Isn't there a rule regarding registering with 2 clubs?[/quote']

Martial did play in the qualification vs valencia but I think qualification is wiped out as I think teams have to register 25 team for the group stage and beyond. Think its cup tied from then

UEFA Rules

42.07 As a rule, a player may not play in a UEFA club competition (i.e. UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, but not UEFA Super Cup) for more than one club in the course of the same season. Exceptionally, however, a player who has been fielded in the first, second, third qualifying round or the play-offs of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League is entitled to play in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League for another club as from the group stage. Moreover, as from the start of the round of 16, a player can be registered in accordance with Paragraph 44.01 to Paragraph 44.04. A substitute player who has not been fielded is entitled to play for another club competing in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League in the course of the same season, provided that he is registered with the UEFA administration in accordance with the present regulations.

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Goalkeeper - Looking like Dea for Navas and 29m, Keeper saga over, De Gea gonna be hated in Madrid, he could of been a llegend with United

Defence - Where's Rojo? he has more pace and Physical presents than Blind, positive from blind is that he can read the game, Could Rojo be the answer?

Midfield - Ataacking side, need more movement for Rooney or whoever the forward is

Forward - Only have Rooney and Wilson, need to buy in this area, Rooney needs help up top

LVG needs to forget Possession is everything, United are doing good at keeping the ball, but we need the speed of the game, Passes, movement to be better - only seen 1st or last 20 minutes of the 1st half of games like this then rest of the 70 minutes, with slow tempo, back passes etc

Last year - Conceded goals and scored for fun at times

this year - Solid at back but nothing going foward

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