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Official Manchester United Thread

Rishabh Desai

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I feel we haven't pursued Kane because he isn't a make something from nothing player and never will be. That isn't to say he cannot go on to be a very good striker but he is' date=' like most, reliant on his service. You can see this season what Kane is like without constant service he isn't someone who will suddenly break through and game change (again I would have still loved to have him here). Kane isn't the 2nd coming of Shearer, he's a bigger lad who is a bit more mobile than most and works hard but Shearer was a monster! He certainly won't ever be United's next Ruud van Nistelrooy who lacked everything Kane has physically but excelled at positioning and finishing with aplomb. That man could finish a sentence before it had started.

Now you look at the side Martial has come from and I largely agree with your views on him having done my homework (not Youtube skill videos) however I feel I am probably more optimistic in my view of him based on the same ideas you have.

He's surprisingly strong for his age and he is rapid, something our attack is screaming out for and when you look at him he certainly can finish. I do believe he has better control that many feel, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by some examples in high profile matches of him rolling the ball and shifting it forward with pace and I am very pleased having seen him work on both feet from a young age so that he can genuinely use both to a good standard.

I agree Monaco haven't provided much service to him but when he has been given the ball he wants to drive forward. As a winger/forward he heads straight for goal which is why I feel he sometimes gets in the way and closes off space but that all comes down to maturity and training. The fact is his instinct is to get to goal which is something I love to see in young forwards with pace, directness. He also runs at people when he does so and instantly defenders hate that, they back off which is something they haven't been doing with Rooney who no longer does this. He isn't a playmaker and I'd agree most people feel this could be improved but he can play some nice balls.

I think if LVG can get Martial to think about when to run wide, when to cut inside and train his decision making we could see him develop quite nicely quite quickly. I think his physical attributes alone combined with surprisingly good technique might surprise doubters. I certainly hope so at least.

I think with LVG you have to realise just how huge a job he has on his hands. He has had to tear most of our players out and shift a Noah's ark worth of dead wood. Think about all the players sold and all those bought, we have sold pretty much every useless player we've had since Fergie and replaced them with players capable of doing something, or young enough to have time to prove themselves.

I can't turn around and say I'm 100% delighted by everything LVG has done but at the same time he has made our squad younger, hungrier for success, cut our wage bill, added quality where needed and showed confidence that has taken us from 7th to 4th and I am genuinely convinced this season we will be moving to 3rd/2nd with De Gea in goal.

We are not title challengers but IMO we are 1 season and 1 top player (Bale, Muller, Reus etc) away from that happening and I do believe next summer we will add the final piece of the puzzle.[/quote']

Just gonna leave the above up there...

I love being right about players!

Martial comes outside then cuts inside runs at the defender uses both feet with surprising control and technique and finishes better than you'd expect from a 19 year old.

Now I'm not saying he's justified the fee but today he's shown you exactly what he is capable of and why he has potential. So glad for him because that was a really good goal!

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Much better second half. United letting Pool have the ball more was what did it at the end, as more spaces behind the defence were created, allowing the likes of Young (and Martial at the end) to cause significant damage. Still a lot to wish for in the attacking department, but scoring three against the rivals is always a great result.

Schweinsteiger was absolutely phenomenal, especially in the last half an hour, and is therefore my MOTM, with Blind being a very close second. The latter defended very well, not forgetting his exquisite finish to top off a very good overall performance, but Schweinsteiger just stole the show for me - the guy can do absolutely everything, and that whilst (at times) moving like a 60-year old pensioner. Shaw put in another good performance, but kind of disappeared in the second half. Carrick was very good too.

As for Ander Herrera, I personally didn't think it was his finest hour, but boy did he work, and at the end of the day it paid off, with his beautiful penalty goal thoroughly deserved. And finally, Anthony Martial... well I can only hope this is the first of many. Very good finish, but abysmal defending by Skrtel - it must be said. Kinda funny to see Schneiderlin translate the tactics from English to French.

Relief to see De Gea between the posts as well. Made a few mistakes here and there, but ultimately kept United ahead with some great saves. PSV next, and I do hope United play in the same way they did in the second half, as the first was absolutely terrible.

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I so hate that ref yesterday' date=' no red card, no penalty for Shaw tackle

that would of changed the game[/quote']

The tackle wasn't a red card tackle in my opinion, slightly rash but in no way intentional. He clearly won the ball and it was his other leg that made contact on the follow through. It was a very unlucky leg break, just that one time in 10 where the players leg was planted on the ground.

Not that that is important, the most important thing is that he makes a full recovery.

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The tackle wasn't a red card tackle in my opinion' date=' slightly rash but in no way intentional. He clearly won the ball and it was his other leg that made contact on the follow through. It was a very unlucky leg break, just that one time in 10 where the players leg was planted on the ground.[/quote']

I dunno how you can say that

It was a careless, reckless tackle with excessive force, which is a red card

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