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Rishabh Desai

Official Manchester United Thread

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Don't kid mate, why would two of the best forwards in the world at two of the best sides in the world want to come to Utd? Even for that money. 

That could be well spent on the next Neymar/Bale instead.


I'd love Pogba at Utd, not very optimistic though. Madrid likely. James Rodriguez is more likely. 


Red herring? LOL. No point going after Auba when we have Ibra + Rashford. 

Mkhitaryan would be a real game-changer imo.


The reports linking Mkhi to Utd are real, Utd have put in a bid, Dortmund rejected it citing their valuation was higher. 



90%? Hardly, more like 50%, the deal will only be done once Switzerland are knocked out. I'd say first week of July if all goes well.

Auba is NOT coming to Utd, neither is going anywhere else. 

Money can talk to some players

Barcelona atm can't offer him the money he wants, plus him/Messi/Suarez takes up 73% of their Revenue, maybe Neymar wants to get out of Messi shadow, Tax court case


United sometimes buy players who fans never expected to come like Martial, Di Maria etc - Auba could play on the right side of the 3


I meant 90% on Ibra not Embolo


Whether you like it or not, that is all his track record shows.


Did you not know Man Utd have money? You seem to be pointing it out to me like it should be a surprise to all?


Man Utd have always had money to but top players. Depay, Herrera, Rojo, Blind, Fellaini, Zaha, Jones, Young, Bebe, Anderson, Hargreaves, Veron. (apologies that most of these were before your time as a Utd fan).


Everyone points out his record, why don't you point out Guardiola record - he is just as bad but no, people think he is GOD with all the easy trophies he got

I think Mourinho has always had an eye for United because of the History, Ferguson, No Owner controlling him etc that why I can see him staying a long time


I supported United since I was young and knew what football was, my family support United so I know a lot about United

I can't see why United cant pull out a top layer in world

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How doth one choose another team over my beloved Manchester of United? Art thou one of minimal ambition? For we are thy greatest in all the seven kingdoms!


How dare thy reject Manchester of United for thou own reasonings! 


I doth not care for what they are, away with you and your personal development, away with your family & agent wanting what could possibly be best for thou at this time in your life cycle.


Its cool though because we didn't him anyway bruv.

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