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Official Manchester United Thread

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United vs City - Looking confident as Guardiola killed City Spine(Hart - Kompany, Toure, Aguero)

Love Ibra to do a cheeky flick or lob if Bravo comes out of goal

Hope Martial and Rashford are playing on the wings as they could chase a ball and probably beat Bravo if he comes running out

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2 hours ago, Dannyb01y said:

By definition 50-50 means it can go either way as in a 50% chance.. :P

yes but it was a reckless dangerous challenge, If you watched it again you see Bravo feet off the ground and studs showing, It could of been a leg breaker. Also Otamendi handball in the box

Anyway I'm disappointed in Lingard performance

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8 hours ago, Pip said:

Guardiola > Mourinho easily. 

Nope Guardiola has had it easy

9 hours ago, ashtini said:

I've spoken to a lot of my Utd mates and they are are disappointed and somewhat perplexed that the team played the way they did, which in turn perplexes me as that is the only way Mourinho knows how to play in big games, Utd fans need to get used to that under him. 

I was kinda disappointed but Clattenburg decisions were bad - Early Days

Rashford needs to start more, he always brings a spark, Lingard as I keep saying is hit/miss and either he needs to get consistent or go, Smalling must be thinking how is he on the bench as Blind has had a shocker

I still believe United will fight back


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That performance against City was basically a reality check for some fans. Guardiola outclassed Mourinho on the day, not bad for a manager who had ripped out his teams spine. If that was a LVG team in the first half it would have been ripped to shreds.

Its interesting to see he difference in manager style after the performance - Guardiola defending his player to the hilt ala Fergie and Mourinho criticising his players which didn't help him in his last job...

Meanwhile though LVG is counting his millions in compensation and  Schweiny has been written off for £6.7m and is only listed in the squad due to premier league rules. Not sure he wouldn't have played better than some of the players on show at the weekend.

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