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Official Manchester United Thread

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Re: Official Manchester United Thread Just tried changing the password on my laptop to Man Utd defence but it said it was too weak

Re: Official Red Devils thread Apparently, it's been caused by City opening their trophy cabinet LOL

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Re: Official Red Devils thread

Provides more entertainment than any Man City game this season ;)


I was very very very entertained as Yaya popped the ball through VDS aging legs at Wembley.

But I don't see why you would watch a testimonial on TV....how does that say thanks to the beneficiary?

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Re: Official Red Devils thread

Better than watching Eastenders' date=' or even ROI vs NI.[/quote']

That is true...however..

As my avatar shows though - i am still sitting on the naughty step in a huff.

It seems that 'Man United fanatics' do not like to be criticised time and again about...well I don't want to get sent to bed so I will behave :D

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Re: Official Red Devils thread

I don't see why a Man City fan posts on this thread so often :rolleyes:

Sorry - but I have express instructions to keep my posts relating to Manchester United Football Club (does Man United 'FC' even exist now?)

In order to meet that requirement - I heard a rumour that VDS is retiring :D

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Re: Official Red Devils thread

Brilliant ovation for Neville as he leaves the pitch.

Oh - good!! (for two reasons)

!. We will never see him play football again (except if called up to the womanising bullys retirement match* lol)

2. That reminds me to cancel my Sky Sports subscription

*I am fully aware that Imogen Thomas ex lover has had a testimonial - but with all the court fes and possible divorce settlement, you guys might have to dole him out lol

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Re: Official Red Devils thread

Away from Giggs' date=' David De Gea has agreed to join after a £17m fee was agreed with his club. Source is Guillem Balague.[/quote']

Absolutely brilliant news. Fully convinced myself he is the man to replace VDS, granted he hasn't been as good this season as last but how many mistakes has he made? Can't remember any of any significance + look at the defenders he has around him... shambolic. Also don't listen to people like Terry Gibson, most of the stuff he says is a lot of poppycock.

As for Gary Neville, one word describes him perfectly - LEGEND. Looking forward to seeing him on Sky Sports next season! :D

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