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Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

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Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I'd probably sell Ruiz, Dante, Smalling. Maybe P/E Smalling he would be quite a good value.

Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Can't think of an 86, 87s atm, But Cristian tello 85>87, Ahmed Musa 85>87, Lacazette 85>88 (he's rose now so...) El Shaarawy 86>88, Oscar + Isco although th

Victor Wanyama' date=' Andre Gomes or James McCarthy? I need a cheap cm who could possibly rise to 90 in the upcoming updates.[/quote']

I don' think any of them will rise, so your best bet would be McCarthy who is rated highest among the trio. Of them, Andre Gomes has the best chance of rising though.

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MONTOLIVO will he drop soon?

Will DIMITRI PAYET get an increase soon?

Payet won't imminently rise as France has finished being reviewed, last week or before.

Montolivio may drop considering Milan's poor form but SM may save him due to his injury problems, don't be surprised either way and I would personally look at better alternatives regardless anyway.

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Is Emre Colak worth keeping? His stats look good but without a move I'm thinking it's worth cashing in?

Cards on table I haven't seen him play...

BUT using my knowledge of SM, reviews etc, He's going to be limited in Turkey, he'd have to be outstanding to obtain 90. His minutes don't look anything special. He'd need to feature much more. If that happened 87/88 next season is possible. If that's good enough for you monitor him next season and hope for more appearances. For me, personally, I would sell as there's so many better options out there.

Hope that helps (a bit)

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What about Casemiro' date='future big player?

Could see Benitez playing him but still ...[/quote']

Casemiro left Sao Paulo with a big reputation he was highly regarded hence why Real came calling. He finally started to show glimpses last season at Porto where he was given the opportunity. Real effectively had to buy him back as Porto activated a permanent signing clause which was part of the loan deal. Therefore Real clearly rate him to go to the effort to basically sign him twice.

It's an impossible question about next season though no one knows what's going to happen especially with a new manager. Kroos, Modric, James and Isco is extreme competition for anyone. Then there's the likes of Lucas Silva still and Illaramendi; at least Khedira looks like leaving! My gut response is Casemiro will be rotational at best. 90 looks like his absolute limit in such a situation, best case.

I would say there's many better options out there, midfield is fully of great players.

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