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Iluminatis League , join here !!! more 30 teams , first season

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come on!!!,

Iluminatis League



Game World Information

Game World TypeCustom Game WorldGame World ID128513OwnerEskisito .CreatorEskisito .Entry Level0StatusPrivate ApplicationClubs Taken31/80 (38.75%)Current Season1

Game World Rules

Standard Rules

Season Dates29 Jul 2012 - 13 Nov 2012Creator's CommentsLiga mundial con los mejores equipos y 5 divisiones , 16 equipos cada una, apuntaos !!! ya somos mas de 30 equipos y empezaremos ahora todos a la vez!!!. Come on !!!Loan Rules

  • No loaning from unmanaged or external clubs
  • Maximum of 3 loaned in players

Transfer Rules

  • Can only have one active deal with one particular club at a time
  • Can only complete three deals with one particular club per season
  • Can only offer cash to unmanaged clubs (clubs in the league but without a manager)
  • Can offer cash and players in deals to external clubs (clubs not in any league)

Extra Rules

These rules have been put in place by the Game World creator and can only be changed once at the start of a season.

Economy LevelNormal EconomyPlayer can develop concernsYESSMFA monitoring transfers onYESCan only offer cash to clubs in dealsNOBuying from Unmanaged ClubsNOT ALLOWEDBuying from External ClubsALLOWEDNo buying over the age ofANY AGE ALLOWEDNo buying players rated overANY RATING ALLOWEDCannot do cash transfers overANY LIMIT ALLOWEDTransfer windowTransfers can take place at anytime throughout the season.Can only buy players with the same nationality as your clubNOManager sacked if they finish in bottom:NO MANGERS SACKEDManager must login to this Game World at least every30 days

I will accept you in my league !!!

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