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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

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21 minutes ago, Jamichael_90 said:

Bale gotta drop even if he scores a hat trick on the UCL final tbh -_-

Personally don’t think he will drop. Hazard was awful a few years back and didn’t drop.


Even in a good year for Hazard he still can’t match Bale who is supposedly enduring a slump in form.


 Bales stats are still incredible 17 goals from 20 odds starts this season. Had a great return last season also! 

Its only injuries that have affected him. 

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13 hours ago, Jamichael_90 said:

Mikel Oyarzabal likely to rise anytime soon ?


9 hours ago, Yuasa said:

I don't think so

I think he has a chance, he's stats are really good, 14 and 8 assists in all competitions is pretty good. Besides he's highly rated in spain.

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