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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Ruben Garcia' date=' Pablo Sarabia or Alex Fernandez? Position is irrelevant.[/quote']

Agree with JMH, get/keep Ruben Garcia

Guys is there any chance of a drop for Iniesta? or Xavi?

Neither of them should drop. Xavi might drop because of his age but IMO he should stay.

with the way sm are doing ratings these days especially young players with hype i would not be surprised to see munian rising to 91 as he is a key player to a team currently fighting for fourth place. (have heard not having the best of season though)

although griezman is more deserving of the 91 and hope he gets it along with inigo martinez to 90 and aymeric laporte to 87/88 :P

Muniain won't rise to 91.

Griezmann definitely should get a +1 IMO, Inigo Martinez is 50-50 for a rise and Laporte will get a +2, he won't rise to 88.

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Respuesta: Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

do you guys think Iborra of Sevilla could sneak an 89?

He might but maybe is too soon for that as he started to perform in november/december he has the quality to get it if sevilla keep their form. The partnership iborra/ carrico is giving sevilla a lot of success lately

Will jordi Alba and Alberto Moreno both get +1?

Jordi wont get it, but Moreno will get to 88 definitely and maybe 89 as he has played with Spain and will most likely go to the World cup. There are rumours Madrid want him...

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