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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

at least a well dictated response thank you!

i dont particularly disagree' date=' but if say modric has a better season than ozil he could raise to be the same. And the saem would go for Ronaldo v Messi. except if ozil had been miles ahead for years of Modric, his rise would not equal oxil, he would get closer.

My argument is not that Ronaldo does not deserve a rise, but that, arguably he is the better player this year (baloon d'or isnt exactly the fairest thing ever, but messi won x4 so same arguument), he still shouldnt be on Messi level (who is better over many years). messi s 'capped' by the game at 99, else i belive the gap between he and messi might be say 98 to 100, in which case ronaldo deserved to pull one back.

Simply, its not that i believe ronaldo was not better this year or doesnt deserve to rise, but that he just cannot be justified being the same rating as Messi for that one year after 4 behind, the same way Ramseys amazing season doesnt warrant him to be rated higher than say Gerrard.[/quote']

But you're assuming Messi is still the best in the world... What you don't understand is, regardless of Messi's injury, Ronaldo still would have won it. He scored more than Messi and Ribery combined! It's not all about goals but he smashed it.

SM ratings are done over short periods of time, to say Messi stays at 99 because of past success is stupid. Otherwise no player would ever drop in rating because he would always stay at his peak.

PS I'm not saying Messi should drop... I think they should both be 99 for different reasons. I'm arguing Ronaldo's case because he hasn't got his deserved rise.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

;2849653']Best player on this game and always will be is Ronaldinho' date=' [b']none of these come close[/b], remember they thought giving him 100.

Ronaldo & Messi should both 99.

Everyone says Soldado isn't as good as Adebayor for example.

Neymar will take at least to 2015 to rise.

Seriously?! He certainly more interesting to watch compare to Ronaldo imo but Messi and Ronaldo are better than him. And Messi is better than both of them.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Why is Affelay still 90 again? :D

But seriously mate' date=' his rating should drop.[/quote']

He has been injured for the past 2 years. When fit he easily deserves his 90 rating. People tend to forget when a player is injured for a while ...

He played really well during his short, injury riddled term, at Schalke.

But he's fit now and made a stupid decision by saying he'll fight for a place at Barcelona. Villarreal wanted to loan him but he thought he had a shot in the Barcelona squad :rolleyes:

He should drop now yes, maybe even by -2.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

What is the consensus on Benzema' date=' although inconsistent, his stats in an excellent Madrid side are solid, chance of a rise back to 94 if he maintains and Real win la Liga?[/quote']

I think he should get a +1, can't see why not playing well and on top of the league.

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