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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Jese worth keeping same with Jose?

Deuflou? had a good season last year but what are the opinions on him in spain?

Sergi Samper?

Any help greatly appreciated.

If you mean Jose Rodriguez, yes, I'd keep him. On loan at Deportivo so at least his rating should increase.

Keep Jese.

Samper is a must keep. Amazing talent.

Deulofeu also probably worth keeping. Will play on loan and still some way from reaching max potential.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Hi guys,

Alberto Moreno doesn't play in La Liga any more, but I think this is the best thread to ask about him.

What is his potential? How can you compare him to Jordi Alba? Can he achieve his level?

I have the possibility to give him and 20m for Marcelo. It's not neccesary for me to buy Marcelo as I have Chiellini as LB.

So the question is how good will be Moreno within 2-3 years.

And the second important question: What will be Marcelo rating within next seasons?

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

La Liga ratings...

over the next few months what do you lads think the chances of the following are?

Gorka Iraizoz +1 to 89

Soriano Bruno +1 to 91

Machin Vitolo +1 to 89

Manuel Nolito +1 to 89

Rafinha +1 to 88

Unai Lopez +5 to 83

Jan Oblak +1 to 88


I don't watch much La Liga but most seem fair based on stats and clubs they play for. Bruno to 91 seems unlikely with no Champions League football and Unai Lopez may need a bit more game time to get a rise like that though :)

Out of the following Barca 'youngsters' which would you buy? I've only got 1 remaining transfer with them this season and I want to sign the best one, preferably one that will get game time this season :D




Sergi Samper

Sergi Roberto

Denis Suarez


Sandro Ramirez


Rafinha is currently my favourite :P

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