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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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Hopefully on Saul I think 89 though I just hope Laporte doesn't get forgotten because of the 8 or so la liga games left and not get the much deserved increase +1 it could have been a small chance of +2 dependent on Euroqa league and Euros had he finally gotten the call.  

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A shame about Laporte for sure. A bit like how Rafinha was starting to look brilliant for Barca and then got injured.

Hope both get back playing again soon.

Somebody mentioned Gaya earlier, still a great talent but another suffering Valencia horrible season.

Ruben Duarte holds his u21 left back slot now too. Duarte definitely got the talent to move on from Espanyol, like his good friend Asensio.

Looking forward to seeing Duarte, Ceballos, Asensio and Mayoral going onto better things at bigger clubs. (I knkw mayoral and asensio are Reals, I mean actually playing regularly, both have the potential).

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I'm guessing the big leagues are just about to be reviewed??

Anyhow.. thoughts on the following.....







Ruben Durate

El Haddadi


Unai Lopez (what happened to him!)

Carlos Castro


I imagine it'll be end of the season so end of May time that the big leagues are updated again? Anyway, my predictions on some of those players...


Neymar - I see him staying at 96 for now, though 97 could be fair (with Suarez?) Ronaldo should be 98.

Oblak - 91 is deserved for sure.

Saul - 89 most likely, though I'd see a 90 as most fair.

Griezmann - stay 93 for now, 94 after the Euro's if he does well?

Laporte - 91

El Haddadi - 86, possibly 87 if generous

Gumbau - 84 most likely, slight chance at 85

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