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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

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Thought i'd give the Spanish league ratings a go, first time doing predictions so dont expect 100% accuracy The ratings are probably around a month away so i'll update nearer the time if theres any

SM has become more concerned about new games and profits than quality. It's been a long time since the good ole' days.

Respuesta: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread These are the predictions that I have done in the Spanish forum. The people agree very, you? GETAFE Escudero 84 > 85/86 Arroyo 80 > 82/83

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Marco Asensio - Realistically what are the chances of him making a push for first team action on a regular basis next season with R.Madrid dependent on him not being loaned out again which seems like they won't do but they Will likely spend big Again. I mean I know he's a great player (Stat wise) in La Liga but I rarely or never see Espanyol I only really have seen a lot of him at International youth level.


Also rating wise what are we looking at 87-88 or 88-87 or different?

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i hate him, but he is honestly in with a chance. Barca choking it now though. they must win La liga for any chance, but losing CL hurts for their ratings as with a team like barca such eltie ratings you need to win things like Cl to get rises when you are so close to the top.

That's the beauty of Suarez, you love him or hate him, but everyone can agree his stats are amazing! I guess if Barca doesn't win anything he won't be given it, but I really think he should get a +1. 

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