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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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11 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

What do you think these ratings?


Theo Hernandez 82

Lucas Hernandez 86

Marco Llorente 83

Oyarzabal 85

Lemos 85

Laporte 91

Oblak 92/93

Carrasco 91

Saul 91/92

Umtiti 90

Asensio 88/89

Mariano Diaz 83

Agree with most 

Asensio 88 for now 

Oblak 92 

Saul 91 

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16 hours ago, Monolithic said:

Out of interest, do 'late developing' players often get big rises?

For example, Victor Diaz (80) is a regular starter for Leganes but is 28 years old? What sort of rise could he expect to have?

Hopefully these kind of players aren't overlooked. Not a surprise if they are.

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Early ratings predictions

Real Madrid:

Bale +1 to 95

Asensio +1 to 88

Vazquez +1 to 89

(nothing else at this point. James Rodriguez and Isco could drop but I doubt they will).



Oblak +1 to 92

Godin +1 to 95

Griezmann +1 to 95

Correa +1 to 88

Cerci -1 to 88

Carrasco +1 to 91



Vidal -1 to 89

Rafinha +1 to 88

Roberto +1 to 91

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17 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

Les premières évaluations des prédictions

Real Madrid:

Bale 1-95

Asensio 1-88

Vazquez 1-89

(Rien d'autre à ce stade. James Rodriguez et Isco pourraient baisser, mais je doute qu'ils le feront).



Oblak 1-92

Godin 1-95

Griezmann 1-95

Correa 1-88

Cerci -1 à 88

Carrasco 1-91



Vidal -1 à 89

Rafinha 1-88

Roberto 1-91

bale and griezmann 95 ? no no maybe end of season.

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