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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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33 minutes ago, Lucas Fiorino said:

The sons of Zidane increase was incredible. +4 & +3 jajaja the staff are fanatic of real Madrid... other opcion is imposible.

Yeah well, Enzo's was too generous

3 hours ago, FunkmasterFlex said:

I should have gone with my gut over carvajal. 

So that's it. When do the next round of these reviews come around?  May?

May, unless they randomly do some players in between

10 hours ago, chanchooooo said:

i think is unfair that modric doesn't get an increase.. +1 at least

Fair enough but 95 is not shabby

6 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

What about Fornals and Javi Ontiveros?

Fornals got 86 and Ontiveros 78

10 hours ago, lunastorta said:

Finally Bale 95 one year (or two) later


12 hours ago, zJoaoPedro said:

off question

When are they going to update the Grimaldo? 86?

When they do Portugal- yes 86

14 hours ago, The punch said:

Kroos 95.......... So Modric 96..

Andre gomes +1 ? 


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7 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Aaron Martin it's Caricol 

TY, I have Caricol but failed to realize it's the same guy.


Carlos Martínez is out for the season and Odriozola has taken over his duties at Real Sociedad (who sit 5th now). Since the last review, 10x in the squad and 8 apps already (with assists in each of his last 2).


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How good is  Mauricio Lemos?

I saw he scored 2 last night in las palmas 4-3 defeat and has become a starter in the last couple of months, i would expect a +2/3 in next review, just curious as to if he's more than just a riser or if he's a serious talent?

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