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Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread


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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Hey guys would appreciate some help regarding la Liga players

Isco' date=' does anyone know how Isco will fit in to the team and his prospects of making an impact at Madrid ?

And with Bale being rumoured to sign for Madrid can we see Isco being pushed down the pecking order behind Di Maria, Ozil, Ronaldo, possibly bale ?

I have Wilshere, Isco and Oscar but due to concerns and immense talent I have to sell one from the trio.

Cheers guys ![/quote']

Isco has basically had a perfect pre-season, he's without a doubt the closest player I've ever seen to Iniesta. I'm pretty certain that Isco will have a pretty big part to play this season for Real. Isco I feel will be higher than Di Maria in the pecking order for the upcoming season. As for Bale signing, it's still very likely that he'll sign as Perez really wants him but even if he signs Isco will still have a big part to play this season IMO. From the 3 I would sell Wilshere.

Javier Mascherano(my player) for two of these:

Lucas Digne

Kevin de Bruyne

Felipe Anderson

Martin Montoya

Juan Iturbe

Ola John

Lorenzo Insigne

Which two players(if any) would you buy for Mascherano?

Good if they are full back and winger but not necessary. Potential is the most important.

Ranking of duos would be nice because I don't know if he accepts every offer.

Thanks for all opinions!

Get Digne + De Bruyne for Mascherano.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

Hi' date=' Will either of these 2 players rise/drop in the next? Also, What are their maximum potentials?

Diego Godin (91)

Evar Banega (90)[/quote']

Both will stay. As for max potential, I don't see either rising this season. Both have most probably peaked IMO. Godin can maybe get 92 in the future but it depends on whether or not he moves and if he doesn't move, how Atletico perform in Europe.

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Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

had a 28million bid for my munian should i accept? just bought kevin de bryne for 22

Is a good deal but depends on what you can buy with.

What is max. potential of Diego Costa? Heard he was linked with L'pool in rl. Should I go for him?

90 at least. I am sure he will do a good season with Atletico, he can reach 90 at the end of the season ;)

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