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The kid who captained the 94 generation of Partizan.

The same generation that includes wonderkids like Lazar Markovic, Nikola Ninkovic, and Aleksandar Mitrovic. Yet, Luka Stojanovic wore the #10 jersey over them all and wore the captains armband.

Honestly, I haven't seen much of him at all. Due to corruption at Partizan, they sold him before he even turned 18 or debuted for senior team. The club that bought him was Sporting from Portugal for a disclosed fee I think around 1,000,000 or so. Anyhow, since he left, he hasn't been called up to our NT because again our coaches and league and association is corrupt as only home grown players are called up, sadly.

I guess he's been impressive at Sporting and is likely to make his debut soon.

"He left great signs for a first game.

Their input was essential to achieve the result stand.

He cleaned everything in between campo.Sem fear of the corrupt.

It was time to score a goal annulled evil and watch the Etock who came face to face with the networks of pigs."

Google translated from Sporting forum :D

I'd definitely get him as soon as he debuts as he has immense potential and there is mystery behind him.

He's also Serbia's most capped U17 player of all time with an impressive 27 caps :eek:

Makes you wonder how he didn't warrant a call up to the U19's or at least U18's corruption! :rolleyes::mad:

Here's an impressive video of him:


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