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Welcome to

.:10000 BC:.


An unique and ultra-competitive forum based Custom Game World where clubs start by buying old players and work their way down towards the youths.


Season 1 – clubs buy players aged 30+ only

Season 2 – clubs buy players aged 29+ only

Season 3 – clubs buy players aged 28+ only… and so on.

At the end of every season, each club is allowed to buy ONE U21 player rated 88 or less. + Each club can only place one bid at a time for U21s
No club is allowed to spend more than £60 million per season (net spend), this includes the buying of youths at the end of every season.

Current managers:

  1. AC Milan - steauaseka
  2. Ajax – Venk11
  3. Anzhi – brunopinto
  4. Arsenal – jgos2
  5. Atletico Madrid – shareflair
  6. Atletico Mineiro – lukelufc
  7. Barcelona – Hancock
  8. Basel – VANCANT
  9. Bayern Munich – Patrick.FCB
  10. Benfica – maxcher
  11. Borussia Dortmund – Duncan
  12. Celtic – Jiminy Cricket
  13. Chelsea – Athul Raj
  14. CSKA Moskva – ZlookVulk
  15. Juventus – Josh Hammond
  16. Internazionale – VACANT
  17. Leverkusen – VACANT
  18. Liverpool – Gabriel Mshiu
  19. Lyon – Cam Lucas
  20. Malaga – zippy zippy
  21. Manchester City – Prokeeno
  22. Manchester United – Hyina
  23. Marseille – Ezekiel
  24. Monchengladbach – StephenMUFC
  25. Napoli – hdixit
  26. Porto – Rawket
  27. PSG – themd21
  28. PSV – HazrBoi
  29. Real Madrid – Vendetta
  30. Santos – Wayne Lowin
  31. Sao Paulo – Gozzy
  32. Schalke – Ralf Tillie
  33. Shahktar – Chivas
  34. Tottenham – samuel888
  35. Udinese – Joshua Dagnall
  36. Valencia – Closer

Official U21 Record

AC Milan: Mlapa (SOLD for cash), Casemiro, A. Rafinha, Volland

Ajax: Oxlade, Berisha, Thorgan Hazard, Kalas

Anzhi: Mangala, Willems (SOLD for cash), ________, W.Carvalho

Arsenal: Borini, Caulker, Baptistao, Morrison

Atletico Madrid: J.Ayew, De Sciglio, J.Bruma, Unal

Atletico Mineiro: Destro (SOLD for cash), Marquinhos, Belfodil, Bakkali

Barcelona: Tello, Son, Thauvin, Moreno

Bayer Leverkusen: Fischer, Musa, ________

Bayern Munchen: Varane, Digne, Chalobah, Samper

Borussia Dortmund: ________, Clasie, Isimat Mirin, Salah

Borussia Monchengladbach: Verratti, Zouma, Djuricic

Celtic: Koke, Jesus, Markovic

Chelsea: Oscar, Schar, Alberto, Ferreira Carrasco

CSKA Moskva: Deulofeu, Obiang, Zabret, Berardi

FC Basel: Rabiot, Jenkinson, Amat

FC Porto: Bernard, Martins Indi, Jese, Halilovic

FC Schalke 04: Niang, Ocampos, Goretzka, Depay

Internazionale: Leitner, Younes, Lingard

Juventus: Zaha, ________, Praet

Liverpool: Lanzini, Van Rhijn, Ake, Haman

Lyon: Powell (PE'd away), Inigo Martinez, Nem, Seferovic

Manchester City: Nastasic, Umtiti, Quintero, Gnabry

Manchester United: Courtois, Kovacic, Fred, Imbula

Marseille: Coutinho, Aurier, Ademilson, Shelvey

Malaga: Xhaka (SOLD for cash), Barkley, Can, Taider

PSG: Fernando, Piazon, Icardi, Rodriguez

PSV: Lacazette, Carvajal, Morata, Kurzawa

Real Madrid: Lukaku, Meyer, Reyes, Powell

Santos: Isco, Shaw, A.Bruma, Bellerin

Sao Paulo: Insigne, Kondogbia, Atsu, Davies

Shakhtar: Montoya, Roberto, Oliver

SL Benfica: Draxler, Aurtenetxe, Doria

SSC Napoli: Sterling, Vilhena, Ginter, Hofmann

Tottenham: Maher, Ljajic, Okore, Pardo

Udinese: Pogba, De Vrij, Boayke, Januzaj

Valencia: Van Ginkel, Ola John, Anderson, Gabbiadini

That is the best to my knowledge and for some (like Destro who I remembered and Powell who I only caught by looking at I.Martinez's transfer history) it was difficult to find, if I missed out any team's U21, please let me know, thanks.

Highlights of Season 1:

Division 1:

Champions: Manchester City (Prokeeno)

Division 2: Bayern Munich (Rodrigo0)

Division 3: Monchengladbach (King Roo)

Record Transfers:


CASILLAS, Iker, Free agent to AC Milan for £30 mill


COURTOIS, Thibaut, Free agent to Manchester United for £17.1 mill

Bargain of the Season:

ISCO, Alarcon, Free agent to Santos for £6.1 mill

Highlights of Season 2:

Charity Shield: Man City (Prokeeno)

Division 1: Celtic (RayNFFC)

Division 2: Marseille (Ezekiel)

Division 3: Schalke (Tim Janssen)

Cup: Man City (Prokeeno)

Record Transfers:


F. PEPE, free agent to Malaga, £37.0M


L.FERNANDO, Gremio to PSG, £11.0M

Bargain of the Season:

D.VÍLLA, Athletic Club to Celtic, £180k + M.LEIGERTWOOD + H.SUAZO

Highlights of Season 3:

Charity Shield: Man City (Prokeeno)

Division 1: Man United (Hyina)

Division 2: Napoli (hdixit)

Division 3: Valencia (Closer)

Cup: Juventus (Josh Hammod)

Season 3 Final Net Spending figures (cannot be over 60 by the end of the season):

Dortmund: 55.3 - 6.2 = 49.1M

Manchester City: 94.2 - 52.3 = 41.9M

Juventus: 40.8 - 0 = 40.8M

Borussia Mönchengladbach: 77.3 - 45.6 = 31.7M

Basel: 40.1 - 10.4 = 29.7M

Celtic: 37.4 - 12.7 = 26.7M

Manchester United: 64.0 - 44.2 = 19.8M

Santos: 8 - 0 = 8M

Marseille: 40.1 - 33.8 = 6.3M

Chelsea: 28.9 - 37.9 = -9M

Shakhtar Donetsk: 14.6 - 32.2M = -17.6M

Atletico Mineiro: 77.1 - 100.5 = -23.4M

Internazionale: 59.6 - 0.2 = 59.4M

PSG: 35.9 - 0 = 35.9M

Napoli: 52.2 - 21.4 = 30.8M

PSV: 53.5 - 30.2 = 23.3M

Porto: 38.6 - 16.4 = 22.2M

Anzhi: 25.5 - 4.2 = 21.3M

Real Madrid: 62.4 - 48.9 = 13.5M

Lyon: 22.7 - 16.3 = 6.4M

Bayern Munich: 60.2 - 55.4 = 4.8M

AC Milan: 25.5 - 24.2 = 1.3M

Tottenham: 1.3 - 0 = 1.3M

Schalke: 34.4 - 33.7 = 0.7M

Arsenal: 62.3 - 11.2 = 68.2M

Benfica: 47 - 0.1 = 46.9M

Atletico Madrid: 79.6 - 41.6 = 38M

Barcelona: 71.6 - 36.6 = 35M

Liverpool: 38.4 - 21.5 = 16.9M

Valencia: 34.1 - 18.9 = 15.2M

Leverkusen: 13.3 - 4.7 = 8.6M

Udinese: 8.3 - 0 = 8.3M

Ajax: 0 - 0 = 0M

Malaga: 25.9 - 32 = -6.1M

Sao Paulo: 90.8 - 104.7 = -13.9M

CSKA: 18.2 - 40.6 = -22.4M

Record Transfers:


C.RONALDO, free agent to Real Madrid, £50.4M


L.GORETZKA, free agent to Schalke, £14.7M

Bargain of the Season:

T. SILVA, free agent to Man City, £25M

Team of Season 3:

Adler (PSV)

Jallet (Marseille), Mertesacker (Celtic), Demichelis (Lyon), Baines (B. Munchen)

Farfan (Napoli), Schweinsteiger (Man United), Xavi (Valencia), Robinho (Man City)

Di Natale (Man United), Cardozo (Dortmund)

Season 3 Managers' Award Ceremony

There were several managers in contention for being named Best Manager of the Season including Luke, Ezekiel, Patrick, Hannah... but undoubtedly the winner goes to....


- who took charge of a Valencia side that were almost in the last place of the whole setup, he brought some depth in and voila! Storming to a top of the podium finish at the very last game of the season when everybody was talking about other teams like CSKA, Malaga and Leverkusen, have always been the dark horses of Div 3. A great win of Div 3 that is very well deserved mate!

There are only a few in contention for the Most Embarrassing Manager of the Season, and the stand out winner for this award is....


- who has managed to relegate them twice now... Season record transfer 50M man Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge flop with only 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 MotM for all of the season! :eek: Combining the terrible transfer dealings as well as his team's final league position, and boom, no others can compete with this level of epic failures :P

Highlights of Season 4:

Charity Shield: Manchester United (Hyina)

Division 1: Borussia Dortmund (Duncan)

Division 2: PSG (James Gouldie)

Division 3: Barcelona (Hancock)

Domestic Cup: Anzhi (brunopinto)

SMFA Cup: Atletico Mineiro (lukelufc)

SMFA Shield: Juventus (Josh Hammond)

Season 4 Final Net Spending figures (cannot be over 60 by the end of the season):

Manchester United: 63.0 - 6.7 = 56.3M

Dortmund: 48.1 - 10.2 = 37.9M

Atletico Mineiro: 122.1 - 80.0 = 42.1

Juventus: 33.0 - 0 = 33.80

Basel: 30.7 - 0 = 30.7M

PSV: 29.3 - 5.2 = 24.1M

Marseille: 29.8 - 9.7 = 20.1M

Celtic: 24.4 - 9.9 = 14.5M

Borussia Mönchengladbach: 17.4 - 4.4 = 13.0M

Bayern Munich: 11.1 - 4.7 = 6.4M

Manchester City: 25.5 - 21.3 = 4.2M

Napoli: 3.6 - 7.4 = -3.8M

CSKA: 46.8 - 16.3 = 40.5M

Valencia: 67.0 - 29.4 = 37.6M

Leverkusen: 54.4 - 16.9 = 37.5M

Schalke: 43.2 - 6.6 = 36.6M

Shakhtar Donetsk: 37.5 - 3.4M = 34.1M

Lyon: 48.0 - 18.9 = 29.1M

Chelsea: 86.9 - 61.2 = 25.7M

Santos: 37.3 - 13.3 = 24.0M

AC Milan: 60.3 - 39.4 = 20.9

Internazionale: 29.6 - 16.7 = 12.9M

PSG: 23.7 - 19.4 = 4.3M

Porto: 56.9 - 64.4 = -7.5M

Real Madrid: 89.7 - 43.2 = 46.5M

Tottenham: 39.6 - 6.7 = 32.9M

Sao Paulo: 42.9 - 11.4 = 31.5M

Benfica: 25.1 - 0.4 = 24.7M

Anzhi: 89.5 (41 transfers!!! :eek:) - 71.7 = 17.8M

Barcelona: 40.9 - 23.5 = 17.4M

Udinese: 29.1 - 18.4 = 10.7M

Atletico Madrid: 24.7 - 23.5 = 1.2M

Liverpool: 5.2 - 4.4 = 0.8M

Arsenal: 48.2 - 52.4 = -3.8M

Ajax: 7.5 - 16.7 = -9.2M

Malaga: 37.5 - 73.2 = -35.7M

Record Transfers:


S.RAMOS, free agent to Manchester United, £50M

Bargain of the Season:

M.NEUER, free agent to Real Madrid, £15M

.:10000 BC:.

Team of Season 4:

Buffon (Manchester City)

Zabaleta (Barcelona), T. Silva (Manchester City), Umtiti (Manchester City), Lahm (Barcelona)

Diego (Shakhtar), Alonso (Barcelona), Modric (A. Mineiro)

M. Gomez (Marseille), Cardozo (Dortmund), Sow (PSG)

.:10000 BC:. Managers' Award Ceremony


This has been an incredibly close season for all 3 divisions, and a whole host of managers were in contention for being named Best Manager of Season, including Luke, Ezekiel, Duncan, themd21, Cam Lucas, steauaseka, Hancock... but the winner goes to....


- who successfully negotiated a very tight Division 2 full of slip ups and managed to get the last promotion spot with a, let's be honest, a very low budget squad worth only just above 110M. He managed to get the best out of his players after an initial average 3 seasons, finally managed to get the promotion he and his team deserved. Top scorer was his Season 1 youth Bernard and most consistent player, Vucinic, were both unlucky to get into the team of the season. There is undoubtly an air of optimism at the Estádio do Dragão and it will be interesting for the neutrals to see what the manager does in the transfer window which is due to open in 2 hours for preparation for Season 5. Well done!


There are several also in contention for the Most Embarrassing Manager of Season 4, including: Hyina, Patrick, shareflair... but undoubtly the winner for this award is....


- who was sacked by the board and the fans of Monchengladbatch for being in the relegation zone for the entire length of Season 4. With the most expensive squad, as well as one of the best players in the world Iniesta as well as lots of other really good players including Sneijder, Llorente and Mexes, everybody expected them to be in contention for the Championship, not lying bottom for much of the season! They scored the fewest number of goals in Division 1 (27) and let in the second most (40). It is no wonder why then that the owners thought enough was enough and sent the manager packing :eek:

Highlights of Season 5:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

Highlights of Season 6:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

Highlights of Season 7:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

Highlights of Season 8:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

Highlights of Season 9:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

Highlights of Season 10:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Division 3:

Record Transfers:

Bargain of the Season:

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Haha' date=' still looking for more trophies for beating me? :P

It will depend on timing (when it's open) but I'm interested :)

Let's bag us some golden oldies :P

I'm not sure when to open it yet, I have 3.5k credits, some people say it costs them 4.8k for a custom but for me it costs 14.4k! :eek::confused:

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Start making the interest list now:D:D[/quote']

I've done so already ;)

Am I really that popular lol? :D

Got a couple of rejections, but I'm happy with the level of interest raised so far, if you have a friend on the forum please could you guys spread the word out? Thanks.

As for me, I'm off to the library now have to do some revision :o:p

Cya later tonight guys (and ladies) :)

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Re: .:World's Elites:.

Thank you for all of the positive replies, got a few more rejections but pleased with the progress so far :)

Also, someone has pmed me about this, can you guys and ladies please not spam all the threads you know about this gw? First of all you get a caution from one of the mods, also, we are still at very very early stages yet so please don't get too excited :)

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Re: .:World's Elites:.

Been monitoring this thread for a short while and I would be interested in joining this GameWorld! Although I do believe the allocated transfer budget is a bit low for the GameWorld, especially when you have to have atleast 25 players meaning that would be on average less than 3 mil per player, which would be very difficult in my view! B) Very good concept though and great idea! :)

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