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.:10000 bc:.


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Re: .:10000 bc:.

How is this not the manager's fault?? Chairman only buys players if squad size drops below 21. This can be easily prevented by the manager IMO.

Now he will sell Sinclair and get 4M out of nowhere and I can't see how this is fair...

Yes sinclair was bought for money and yes sinclair will be sold. The only reason the squad fell below the limit is because two players retired.

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Barca get Suarez for 41m' date=' happy with that but I wasnt on when bid were accepted, only came on after they were completed. Tbh would have preferred apique or Fab for 45 but still very happy with Suarez

Also gettig Rossi :D[/quote']

We both know you overpayed ;)

AND MAN CITY GETS......no one :o pretty much middle of the pack or second best with all my bids....Second in the Messi sweepstakes(

A city manager complaining about other teams' spending power??? :eek:


Why didn't you bid higher on everybody mate?

havent bid' date=' moneys not great at Lyon, so i figured id have to wait for you guys to spend all your cash and see whats left[/quote']

I've been helping teams out over the past 4 seasons with ~50M spent on junk at various lower teams, I've been the only one but apparently Hancock is gonna help out too this season so please ask him as I've already helped Lyon out way back in season 1 :o


Last time I did a post here was when I signed Kolarov' date=' Guarin,Mandzukic,Cahil and Monreal...

This time missed out on most targets...

You guys have grown rich:eek:

Leandro Castan and Lucas Leiva coming to ChelseaB)

Likewise, Chelsea manager complaining??? :P

Just ask your fella in the floor above with the big boat ;)





So far everything has gone to plan. Except one thing I am unable to login on SM and so this will be ruined add to that I am travelling so I dont even have decent internet connectivity.

But you got good signings like Khedira if I'm not mistaken?

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