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Proud & promoted Inter Milan announces their U-21 signing!

Inter Milan has announced their U-21 signing for season 5. Ozzy Ozyakup will join the Italian giants which will see last U-21 signing Jesse Lingard & John Utaka heading to Besiktas.

Inter Milan manager who rejoined Inter made a great impact since his arrival resulting in a quick promotion to the Div. 2 By finishing 2nd in the Div. 3 and having a 9 games unbeaten streak which is still alive. Since his arrival, Justin has signed Muntari, Zarate, Parolo & Demicheles & Ozzy will be his 5th signing.

Some former players have also made their moves out of the club which includes Lucio, Faizulin, Mesto & K. Uche.

Alessandro Nesta has announced his retirement. He will play his last game against Manchester United in a friendly match.

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Luke Lufc steered Atlético Mineiro to victory against Leverkusen.

Atlético Mineiro outclassed Leverkusen and beat them 5 - 1 in a thrilling Friendly encounter.

Robinho scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Shame it was a friendly...

Mineiro also started the bidding on Sidney SAM, for no reason other than to get another team to fork out some cash before the big spend :D

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Who wants who? Division 1 Transfer preview



Having destroyed the rest of the league with a not-so-special squad, they're sure to have some spare cash.

Likely to want to improve all areas of the squad. Don't be too surprised to see bids on A strong play maker, a good attacker or some good defensive options. Will SOW be enough next season?


Fair squad, done very well to achieve second place. Likely to want to improve with a strong midfield option. Lots of transfers this season, so don't be surprised to see many changes to the squad.

Man. Utd.

Have spent big this season, but with an income the size of theirs; expect Man Utd to be in with the big bids again (why else did they sell Pedro). Squad has some incredible players, but their strength is contrasted with some weaker players. Likely to want to add a new option in defence and probably a striker too. Expect to put in a big P/E on Lewa. Man Utd's history suggests that they will place lots of bids and hope to get some bargains.


Already spent a lot of money this season. Lots of squad change again, they have brought in some back-up players to bolster numbers. So there is potential for p/e deals coming soon. Likely to want to add players to their below-par midfield.

AC Milan

Have already spent BIG this season, bringing in a great squad. If they have the cash, they may want to add an extra defender for some depth. They have also brought in some extras, so they may also want some p/e deals.


Nothing too special about this squad; probably playing on a limited budget compared to some of the big teams. They have a great strike force, but could do with some more magic further back down the field. Expect a new defender.

A. Mineiro

Already got many players 90+, but as a small team with the worst attendance in the division, on top of their worst season under this manager. Mineiro's budget may be limited. They need to add a special player, possibly as a winger or upfront.


Hardly spent a penny. Expect a bid on a couple of big players and expect at least one to arrive. They need a bit of magic in a star player to bring them up the league table. No obvious areas requiring new players, but a play maker or target man is likely to be desired.


Bought 1, sold 0. Pretty boring season if you're a Dortmund fan on the transfer front. Very fortunate to have survived relegation - maybe some excitement there. Two key players in the squad in Ibra and Toure (bought at a bargain price). Need to add some depth in the squad. Will Howard remain the goalkeeper? Sure to have a big budget to spend.


Had an end of season meltdown, but still won the league. Added plenty of depth last season. But the starting XI will struggle to compete in Division 1, with only 3 players in the 90's. Rumour has it that p/e's will remove some of the depth and add some real quality. Bolstering needed squad wide, especially defense.


Transfers in 7, Transfers out 9. You may think the upcomers would be packing the cash, right? Wrong. Probably. Transfers costing £49m this season, likely to have limited funds. But they have a great squad of mostly 20 somethings with great youngsters. Need to add a new player in to the defence and midfield; if they can afford it.

FC Basel

Great end to their season and Basel are back in Division 1. Clearly had some administrative errors previously, with a 25 man squad with 9 substandard goalkeepers. Nobody is quite sure how such a poor squad has returned to Division 1.( but that is the wonders of soccermanager) The squad is in need in all areas except gk and possibly midfield. They need something special to survive in Div 1. However, definitely packing the cash. Likely to have made at least £40m this season due to promotion and transfer sales. Expect a busy day in Switzerland tomorrow.

Excluding the 25 year olds; here's a few people already on the market, when teams inevitably fail to hit their target or overpay on flops:
















Van Persie

(Haven't got time to do other divisions)

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