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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Brief Summary of Season 6:

Charity Shield: PSG (James Gouldie)

Division 1: Atletico Mineiro (Lukelufc)

Division 2: Napoli (Hermant Dixit)

Division 3: Udinense (Joshua Dagnall)

Domestic Cup: Leverkusen (Zoltan Canji)

SMFA Cup, SMFA Shield & Super Cup : Unmanaged teams

Record Transfers:

MATA to R.Madrid, £40M

BUSQUETS to S. Donetsk, £39M

AGUERO to A. Mineiro, £37.7M

HUMMELS to Barcelona, £32M

.:10000 BC:. Season 7 Preview (aka 994 BC)

It takes a tough manager to battle on in this setup, with many people leaving clubs. This season is likely to continue to test managerial wits; will the newcomers out-do the oldies, or will experiences help out the long-stay managers? Here's some of the key players up for grabs tomorrow:

(and my predicted values - assuming new managers go wild with their money and lack of experience ;) )

Bale (£48m)


Muller (£46m)


Reus (£39m)


Kroos (£31m)


Strootman (£17m)

Jovetic (£17m)

Pjanic (£18m)

Sturridge (£23m)

Gibbs (£18m)

Azpelicueta (£24m)

Aubameyang (£26m)

Sakho (£19m)

Damiao (£16m)


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Re: .:10000 bc:.


Following the cholera outbreak and uncertainty surrounding whether players will join or not, Mineiro have refused to give any names of their transfer targets. They have however released a set of cryptic images:





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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Our return to the top division doesn't go according to plan and we end up losing 1-0 to Manchester United. Actually its SM who are to blame for this defeat because they didn't let me set the tactics for the game which meant our back four was made up of only Indian players.

On the transfer front we massively overpaid for Gareth Bale but I don't regret it. The only bid we won was for him and I decided to get him rather than end up with nobody.

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Laura V steered Ajax to victory against São Paulo FC.

Ajax beat São Paulo FC 2 - 1 in their Division 3 fixture.

Messi scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Gómez was also on the scoresheet for his side.

First victory of the season, let the road to promotion begin :D

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Hemant Dixit steered SSC Napoli to victory against Chelsea.

SSC Napoli beat Chelsea 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Luiz scored the winner for SSC Napoli and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

This win takes us up to 3rd now. Everytime we manage to get anywhere near the top we lose our next game so not getting my hopes up too much.

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