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.:10000 bc:.


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Re: .:10000 bc:.

nitmare frum steered Internazionale to

victory against Dortmund.

Internazionale outclassed Dortmund and beat

them 2 - 1 in their Division 3 fixture.

Monreal scored a goal and was later voted

Man of the Match for his performance.

Parolo was also on the scoresheet for his


Good result against a decent opposition :)

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Re: .:10000 bc:.

PM'd you a summary of rules, but in case you missed them they're posted below.

Season 8 commenced 5th Aug you can sign players only aged 23 and over.

You can also sign 1 player aged 21 or under and rated 88 or less per season

Your annual net spend must be less than 60 Mill.

(cash you spend less cash you receive.)


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Re: .:10000 bc:.

Sorry guys, I'm going to resign from Schalke. Have got a new job since a couple of weeks and really don't have the time and the energy anymore to manage as many clubs as I currently have. Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to cut down the number of clubs that I manage and unfortunately Schalke is one of the teams I'm going to leave. Loved the game world and the interaction with the other managers and wish everyone the best of luck in the future.

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Re: .:10000 bc:.


Season 10 Rules and Restrictions. New season opens Tuesday Feb 3rd


Transfers with Internal Managed teams and External teams continue as usual.

You will be able to do a player exchange with unmanaged clubs, no cash involved. 1 exchange per transfer window.

Transfer window will open at 12 midday GMT Tuesday 3rd February and transfer for each player will take 24 hrs to complete from time of first bid. ( not including Admins bid ).

Player Exchange only. Your earliest successful bid will collapse all the rest.

The Admin will bid early and cannot alter or withdraw his bid until after the successful bid is revealed.

Everyone else can withdraw or alter bids as they like.

The Season 10 Squad Quota for players aged 20 and under is limited to 10.

We're introducing transfer windows' Weeks 1 - 4 and 12 - 15, cause SM are making it continually more difficult to track unmanaged teams.

Finally Financial Fairplay. Keep your net spend below £50mill (Cash spent on Trans less cash received).


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