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Valencia or ivanovic


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Re: Valencia or ivanovic

position doesn't matter' date=' just potential for rising and max potential matter. price doesn't matter. argue, debate, decide...[/quote']

There isn't much to argue because both players are almost at their peak ratings (i feel 93 is max for both dudes) and both are very much key players for their teams. It all depends on team's honours and individual's contribution to the campaign.

International teams are almost non-issues as well as Ecuador and Serbia are unlikely to kick up a storm in internation football currently.

Thus, it your personal choice or team's needs that matters.



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Re: Valencia or ivanovic

I feel ivanvic could be a 94 one day... good rb can only think of a few better than him. valencia is key for man u' date=' not confident on what to place his potential at, any more opinions?[/quote']

As a biased Serbian, I say get Ivanovic :)

But really, on the more honest side, Ivanovic is very solid and consistent which is the most important thing. Plus, I think he'll outlast Valencia in upkeeping his rating over the years. Ivanovic is a good long term investment in terms of rating/real life consistency. He's also having a spectacular season as he's scored and assisted more goals than half of the attacking players in the league.

I like Valencia too, but I just see more consistency in the long run with Ivanovic.

Whether it be biased or not...

Like you said, very few better right backs than Ivanovic right now.

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