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||The Apocalypse||


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||The Apocalypse||

The Story

This the concluding part of my series of my gameworld. It all begin with the War started of by the Allies and the Axis. The aftermath of the war was nothing but horrifying. Soon the teams started falling apart and the War of the Worlds was inevitable. The Earth was burning all the battle lines were drawn. But the UN reacted to it and called off the War and signed the famous treaty of "UNICEF World Peace".

Its the year 2016,

September 26th - 3 years after the world peace treaty had been signed by the countries the UN detect Nuclear activities in various part of the world from Iran, Russia, US and Israeli. Soon after the reports were confirmed the UN sends a warning to the nations involving but the truce is broken when a missile from Iran hits the 3 Mile Island.


This was a blow. On December 28th the Nations declare War on each other. And the End of the World was in sight. After 2 years of blood shed the UN had taken the step.

It declared that the result of the war was disastrous and the outcome of the war will now be decided through a peaceful way. A solution was in sight and the solution was a sport which will bring all together "FOOTBALL".

Thus 4 Countries who survived the war were drawn into a single competition of football. England, Germany, France and Italy. Now the fate of the world rests upon the managers of the these team. Can the prevent what is called "THE APOCALYPSE"


The Theme

There will be clubs from four nations - England, Italy, France and Germany. Each country will send 8 clubs to participate in the competition. There will be four Division with 2 clubs of each country in it. The clubs from each country will be divided into :-

1. Elite Clubs - (Average Rating Above 90)

2. Gold Clubs - (Average Rating 88 -89)

3. Regular Clubs - (Average Rating 86-87)

4. Underdog Clubs - (Average Rating 84-85)

Other Rules -

1. No same country team can go on bidding war with a same country club.

2. Squad cap is 30 including loan in and out. (Loans made to externals will be considered from next season when they come back)

3. Internal Transfer only with same team clubs.

4. Rating Cap - 99

5. Age Cap - No Age Cap

6. Promotions - One Club

7. Player Concerns - OFF

Gameworld Working

Like in the Company of Heroes the point system will come into place.

Win against opp side – 3 points

Draw against opp side – 1 point

Lose against opp side - -1 point

Division 1 winner – 30 points

Division 2 winner – 30 points

Division 3 - Winner - 30 points

Division 4 Winner - 30 points

Cup winner – 20 points

Thus the team with the most points wins the Gameworld and the War each season :D

The English Team

Country Preview


Hall Of Fame

Season 1 Winners - The Italian Camp

Division 1 - jkerrs (Manchester United)

Division 2 - Cule For Life (FC Schalke)

Division 3 - jgos2 (AS Siena)

Division 4 - Ryangallaher (Sochaux)

Cup Winner - RayNFFC (AS Roma)

Season 2 Winners - The Italian Camp

Division 1 - hdixit (PSG)

Division 2 - SSC Napoli (kkor4b)

Division 3 - tim janssen (Hertha BSC)

Division 4 - Closer (Pescara Calcio)

Cup Winner - tigerdon11 (US Palermo)


The Apocalypse - The Final Fortress

March 14th, 2013

The day marked the win of Italy in the second phase of war. A war full of blood and spill of life. A war fought in all fronts. But Italy emerged as the ultimate super power of the world.

A week later Italy vowed to continue the war until it conquers the whole of Europe. This came as a huge blow to the World Government.

If the war was to erupt it was sure that the most feared thing is approaching us - "The Apocalypse"!

March 25th, 2013

UN World Government passed the 4 nation peace treaty between the four nations which was eventually rejected by Italy and Germany who by the time where at the pinnacle of their power with English sucking their wounds and France riding only on the strength of their capital - Paris. A week later General Closer attacked the UN Parliament and took over charge of the UN Army. This marked the start of yet another Black day in the history of the Earth.

The War is inevitable with Germany furious with Italy with their attack on the UN Parliament and the four nation war started yet again ......... But this time eyeing an final end.

The war scene changes to survival of the fittest. The agreement of war is as follow : -


This agreement means that

1. A losing country can resign from war that is all managers can leave, or become a colony of the winning nation and try to retain the crown of Division 1 or pay heavily to the winning nation i.e all clubs in the losing nation must sell one player that the winning nation demands (Remember only 1 player from each club will be sold).

2. Failing to recapture the division 1 title in the next season, the Nation will be eliminated.

3. The country surviving at the end of the war will be the winner of the setup and each member will get 500 credits.


War Rules

Budget Will Be - 50 million

Squad Cap - 30

Note - No bonus for winner in budget

Country wise powers

England - Have the power of colonization. Can make any club their colony for 5 turns and will get 3 points each time they win in that period

Italy - The power of Napolian empowers makes the team to extract +4 point from a win instead of +3 for 3 turns.

BOUNS POWER - Italy can make a permanent colony for this season and extract points from them.

France - Power of taxation enables them to not drop points even when they lose for 3 turns. In this period no points cut for lost match plus if the opposition loses they will get a -2.

Germany - Power of Modern Weapons which makes them a threat for 4 turns in they will get +5 points if they win by a margin of 2 goals.



France - Rennes, Sochaux

Italy - Hellas Veorna, Palermo and Inter

England - Swansea

Note - Now its the responsibility of the captain to recruit. If you dnt your country will be in loss.


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