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||The Apocalypse||

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Re: ||The Apocalypse||

Hi mate' date=' you have been a little quiet of late, or is it just due to time differences that I have not seen you on?[/color']
The rules are fine to me :)

I guess Dermo's been a bit inactive

Yes I am not as active as I have been in the past but that is because I have a few worries to take care of. I should be more active after in the near future. I always try and get my teams set up, and I still partake in scouting for players whenever I have a spare hour or two.

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Re: ||The Apocalypse||

The rules are good venk' date=' but I must pose the question as to whether everyone is going to follow it or not?

Lets be realistic here, there is going to be at least one person who doesn't.

Besides that, the rules are good and makes the gw a little more exciting.[/quote']

That is why everyone was chosen carefully and under close scrutiny. We have to trust some people to follow the rules. Oh and Venk, the rules are awesome mate.

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Re: ||The Apocalypse||

By the way' date='can you update the list of clubs with their managers too Venk?? I want to see my teammate :D[/quote']

Yeah even I would like to know my teammates but I think updating the teams would kill the suspense that the video will generate.

Edit: I feel updating the teams later tonight or maybe tomorrow would be a good idea.

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