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218 - English Champ

Guest the plummer

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Guest the plummer

SHEFFIELD Weds Season Review

Its been quite a easy season since promotion for The owles as they leaf the league by 15 points at one point, they went on a massive unbeated run but that got eventaully ended in the 28th game against a southampton side , the first defeat in the league has really rocked the boat and since then our form has been dodgy and now we only lead by 2 points but Promotion has been Acheived

Reading are close on our tails and have been on a mega wining streak of late and they look the form team going into the run in

Star Player For Weds has beeing old yin Roberto Muzzi and he has been out classing the likes of Freddy Kanoute and Dimtri Sychev

he has scored 21 times plus 12 assists

The Formation has changed over the course of the season, we had major

succes wit a 4-3-3 but had to change due to injurys Ect then changed to a 4 5 1 but after a a few signings we now play a 3-5-2

The Team is relativly young after buying all the old Players off the world in the first season and they helped me to promotion but i am getting rid of them all the time and trying to bring in fresh young talent

In my two seasons in charge i have only had one rating decrease but he has now been sold, Arturo Vidal has been a start performer and a great buy

After a top Scout recommended a few players from denmark a hope my ten new signings will be pushing for the first team ,

Drenthe a Left Back has been added to the squad with Young Carlhinos and Wade small going in the opostite direction,, marko Marin should be arriving this week just before the german changes

With only 7 games to go Spence will have to get it rite at Weds as a few defeats could blow his teams chances of back to back league titles but they could still end up in third place

The Deffence is so expericed you could write a book about World War 1 as some are that old but hopefully that will be sorted when the end of season cash comes in with An unamed player who is a free agent will be arriving

the suprise loan signing of garry mcSheffry has been great cover in the middfield but with him leaving at the end of the season leaves a hole in midfeild and with

next game agasint southend and plymouth are must wins if we are going to challenge for the league but the main game is in 3 weeks againts Reading

Freddie Kanoute is tipped for managers player of the year award after a number of great performances but he needs to add to his goal talley

Hopefully we can add to our staduim at the ned of the season to help challenge for a europeanm place in the top league,

The chairman hopefully will invest in us as we have provided full houses week in week out and but there is a need for major rebuilding in the defence areas

Freddy Kanoute is for sale but a need part exchaged for him

Over And Out

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Current Sheffiled Weds Squad

Goal Keepers

jose Molina age 36 rated 89

Reine Adler age 22 rated 85

Defenders(main Problem)

Nico Van Kerckhoven age 36 rated 86 (lb/cb)

Claudio Saurez age 38 rated 87 (RB/CB)

Mihai Iencsi age 32 rated 85 (cb)

Marcello Castellini age 34 rated 87 (D)

Darren O'dea age 20 rated 83 (cb)

Andrade Carlinhos age 20 rated 85 (lb)

Matthew Connoly age 19 rated 70 (cb)


Daniel Dessena age 20 rated 85 (cm)

Arturo Vidal age 20 rated 85 (cm?)

Garry Mcsheffrey Loan

Luis Anderson age 19 rated 86 (am)

Jullien Jenner age 23 rated 87 (w)

Danny Szetela age 20 rated 70 (cm)

Wade Small age 23 rated 80 (w)

niko Kovac age 35 rated 90


Freddie Kanoutie age 29 rated 93

Dimitri Sychev age 23 rated 89

Roberto Muzzi age 35 rated 86 (top Goal scorer to years in a row)

Barry Corr age 22 rated 85

Fernando Forestieri age 17 rated 68

Race At the Top

Sheffield Weds 21 7 3 51 70

Reading 21 5 5 40 68

Derby County 19 7 5 42 62

7 games to go

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ


Arrives to moro as more depth is added to the the sheffield squad

Spence has this to say

''Hes a great signing and will add depth to the squad for the run in , hopefully with mathches he will improve and make a major push for the first team starting place''

Drenthe Signs

Left back Drenthe signs for the owles and states that he is here to win trophies and wont settle for second best, he has came after scouts notciced him in the recent world cup

hopefully he will improve but faces the possiblity of not playin until the formation changes or a right back is signed

Big Match Preview

SHEFFIELD WEDS v Southend United

The Owls go into the game with a fully fit squad and anticpate a hard match but expect the three points that will keep them top, Drenthe will make his debut at somepoint but a dont think he will start. Or will he :D

  1. Jose Molina
  2. Claudio Saurez
  3. Nico Van Kerckhoven

  4. Marcello Castellini
  5. R. Drenthe
  6. Nico Kovac

  7. Loius Anderson
  8. Glen Little (debut on loan)
  9. Dimiti Sychev
  10. Fredric Kanoute
  11. Jullian Jenner

AVG Rating 87 :o


The Cardiff manager keeps siging awl the good young players so ther is competition

Has any one got an idea how much i will get at the end of the season/:D:D:D

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

The Owls snacth it late on

Debutant Glen little scored a really vital goal to secure the three points against a tough southend side, the goal came after 69 mins and took some pressure of the tired squad, despite dominating the game the coudnt make ther chances count towards a goal.

A poor crowd turned out but the 30,00 that did supported the team very well and gave them that extra edge to win the game

Drenthe made his much awaited debut and played really well but was outclassed by the other debutant glen little,

it looks like spence is going to stick to the 4-4-2 formation till the end of the season.

:eek:Reading recorded their 9th win in a row to keep on sheffields tails,

they seem to have the eazyier run in but only time will tell

spence had this to say

"""""" The lads played very well tonight and took alot of pressure of us this week, now were hoping they can get their fitness back before saturdays nights trip up to plymouth who are currently unmanged"""""

25th of august is the big game as we travel to reading in a game that looks like it will decided the title

Over and Out

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Crucial Game

The Owls travel to pylmouth tonigth in a must win game, the team will shape up unchanged from last week apart from gola heroe glen little dropping out for lous anderson, Reading play ipswich in a game i want ipswich to win to ease Title Chances

hopefully a will get alot of money come the end o the season to strenghting the squad but who noes

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Team Shapping up

Sheffield boss Spence has commented that his team are starting to shape up and he only has to buy three more players before his defence are sorted,

at the start if the season, the majority of the team were over 30 year old but now thats in the minority

"Three more deffenders and our team will be sorted for next season, currently we have our eyes on a few players and hope to snap them up when the money for promotion/Winning the league"

To be honest we need to hire a scout who could possible help us with the situation , so if your a scout and you are unemployed contact me.

last game was to easy agaisnt a team with no keeperbut were looking forward to the next crucail game agaisnt Coventry city away

Reading really look unstopible at the moment but hopefully that will change by the time we play them.

They are on a phenouminal run just now but they arnt rotating their squad, so hopefully they burn out.

Over And out

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

All but wrapped up for Weds

Sheffield Wedesday have moved a step closer to the title after wining 4-1 tonight and challengars reading got beat at home 2-0 of charlton.

Frederic Kanoute Scored after 5 minutes to ease the pressure and Dimtri Sychev made it 2 after 8 minutes, on 52 minutes but the game was put away when Arturo vidal and Glenn Little With goals withing 1 minute of each an other

Now with four games to go and five points clear it looks like we will go on to lift the title but we still have reading to play before the end of the season

at least we will be playing Div 1 football next season but the league title will be extra sweet for us to if we make it back to back league title's

23 points clear of fourth place


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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Leave it late but still get a point

Sheff Weds Drew 2-2 tonight agaisnt a really strong Crystal Palace team at hillsborugh, Sheffs went 2-0 down before Underperforming Frederic Kanoute Notched twice, his vital 83rd minute strike secured a valuble point,

Reading won again 4-1 and gained 2 points on us but were confident with to games to go

im starting to get nervous but hey thats why a love foootball

next game is agaisnt a team who have been unmanged all season but recently took over and the manager looks like hes been very active in the tranfer market by buying lots of promising high rated youngsters


Its in Sight

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ


Fly The Flag Again....

Sheffield Wedensday have all but wrapped up the league with a 3-1 victory over supposenly unbeatible Reading.


Fans Are No 1.

The fans turned up to last night in their Thousands to watch The Owls all but wrap up the leauge

Sheffs started poor and went behind to a 'Dani' goal on the 20 minute mark, this should have put my boys back but they rose to the occasion and Arturo Vidal Smashed home a Leverler on the 51st minute and this steaded the ship and he payed back his small transfer fee when he notched again to Put us 2-1 up on the 77th minute, and Then Dymirti Sychev Wrapped up the Game,Leuge and Season


Above Kanoute, sychev and Vidal(right to left)

Sheffield Weds have romped to the Title
To Easy for The Owls
Spence is God]

Some Newspaper headlines

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Sheffield Wednesday

Sheff Weds have secured back to back league titiles, Spence is over the moon but is allready planning for next season,

Marek Hamsik is joining along With a unamed Brazilian.

now with a quite healty budget he is trying to get a few quality players in


Frederic Kanoute could be on his way out after Spence And Craig reid the sunderland Boss have came to a verbal agreement after hours of Negiotations

hopefully Crouch and Agger will come to Sheffs and Kanoute will go the other way. Spence Doesnt Want to sell kanoute but that offer is to good to refuse

First 5 Fixtures

  • Wigan
  • West Ham
  • Everton

  • Man City
  • Birminham City
  • Bye

  • DERBY DAY -Sheffield United

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Guest the plummer

Re: 218 - English Champ

Update From Sheffs

Last Time I Posted Was When I Had Just One The League In Divison 2. Now My Team Only Have Four Games To Go To Secure A Top 10 Finish In The Elite Division. Many Great Signings Have Came To My Team And Finally My Team Are Looking Strong.

Adler- 89 (22)

Sagna-89 (24)

Drenthe-88 (20)

Arebola-88 24

Tascii- 88 21

Vidal- 88 20

Jenner-87 23

Valencia-87 22

Kovac-90 35

Sychev-89 24

Kanoute-94 29

Just My Starting Squad

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