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Re: Comedy Shows

I agree on this one' date=' just don't find Frankie Boyle very funny either.[/quote']
I have no problem with Frankie Boyle being offensive or anything like that. He's just not that funny. I mean that's hardly even a joke' date=' its just the nastiest thing he could think to say.[/quote']


I have seen Frankie Boyle live and he is hillarious.

Saw him at Hammersmith Apollo a few weeks back and that is nowhere near as offensive as he can be.

It depends on how you take it' date=' but I take it as a joke at the end of the day he is a comedian and has made his name like this. Personally i think the guy is very very funny. You have to remember each sketch/joke is just a scenario at the end of the day it aint the real world, and I would be pretty certain he dont mean what he says.

But then I dont really get offended by it, everybody who buys a ticket for his show or DVD etc knows what his comedy is about, if you dont like it don't go simple as.

Sometimes the funniest stuff has to be on the edge, personal taste I suppose.[/quote']

But good old ray saves the day

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Re: Comedy Shows

yeh if you really want offensive buy the new DVD hopefully it has got the "Michael Jackson's Childrens hospital" bit from the live show on it' date=' I almost wet my pants it was so funny. If you are easily offended though avoid at all costs :P[/quote']

Yeah saw that. Loved Him on MTW and loved Tramadol nights


Number 8 "I've been studying Israeli Army Martial Arts. I now know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back

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Re: Comedy Shows

Thing about Frankie Boyle is that being offensive is his only thing. He's not like many amazing comedians whose jokes are fantastic and also offensive (see Sarah Silverman). The offensiveness is the joke, they don't stand up on their own at all. I do find it funny sometimes but its fairly lame comedy in my opinion.

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