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The Best Talent of 10k


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Re: The Best Talent of 10k

Thanks for the tips guys.

I bought some of the players for £10k such as Iancu' date=' Dijks, Nicola and Ciupe. Now they have gone up to 75 - 80 ratings my Chairman values them between £1 - £2m. I am wondering if it is worth keeping them for the future or if I should sell them now. A player could go up again by 1 rating but the Chairman value would porobably increase less than the wages I have spent over the season. Obviously Nick Powell has the potential to eventually get in my first team but some of these players could sit in my reserves eat up wages for years without seeing any higher transfer fees.

I would like to ask what other members have done after player rating increases?

Thanks Feisty[/quote']

i would keep Iancu, but the others i would sell.

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Re: The Best Talent of 10k

No 10ks, but a few cheap risers that should get +2/+3 each.

LUKOVIC, Andrija(72) +2/3

OLAZA, Lucas(73) +3

TABO, Cristian(73) +3

GOROCITO, Antonio(73) +3

MICHALSKI, Seweryn(73) +2

VERGARA, Jherson(67) +8 now, More +'s later

KRUNIC, Rade(73) - +2

JEVTOVIC, Marko(72) +3

FARKAS, Dániel(73) +3

RAJKOVIC, Predrag(73) +2/3

thanks to Alov for pointing out these names.

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