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The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)


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The Mirror (league i.d. 161383)


- Teams with 168 players ?

- Port Vale with the Barcelona starting 11 ?

- 3/4 of the leagues managers who have not logged in for the last 3 weeks ?


Here is an overview of our 'simple-to-play' T&C's - it's easy but it's great...

Terms and conditions


- Managers may only buy or sell players that have been bought/ sold in real life by their real life club in the transfer windows.

- The manager may also buy up to an extra 6 players of their own choice from EXTERNAL clubs in the game. No more than 6 external players can be bought though you may re-sell those extra 6 and replace them with others later.

- The manager may also loan up to an additional 3 youth players (aged 21 and under) from in-game teams.


- Managers MUST sell players to opposition managers at market value if the transaction has happened in real life, BUT ONLY IF THE PLAYER IS REQUESTED, if the player is not requested by the recieving manager (opposition) then the holding manager (you) may either keep the player or sell the player to the system ONCE THE TRANSFER WINDOW HAS CLOSED.


- Unwanted players must be kept by the club until they are sold or move on in real life.

- A player can only be sold to the system if:

1 - Your club sold a player to an external club in real life (e.g. if Barcelona sold a player to Ajax which is an external club in the game then the manager may sell that player to the system).

2 - He was sold in REAL LIFE to an in-game team in the league but the opposition manager of the in-game team did not request the player by the time the transfer window had closed.


Fantasy deals:

- Managers may choose to loan out their youth players (aged 21 or less) to other in-game teams, though the recieving teams will be limited to a maximum of 3 loaned players (as decreed by the SMFA).

Real life deals:

- Players who have been loaned-out in real life between in-game teams in the league can follow the same procedure as for real life transfers, i.e. the holding manager is OBLIGED to loan that player if the player is requested by the receiving manager,

eg: Nuri Sahin has been loaned out from Real Madrid to Dortmund in real life, these are 2 in-game teams in the league, therefore the Dortmund manager can demand to loan Nuri Sahin from Real who are then obliged to put the player up for loan and accept the request from Dortmund only. If Dortmund make the request to loan then they must keep the player on-loan until a time that the player returns to Madrid or signs for Dortmund/ another team in real life.

That's it!!

Request to join the league and I will send you the FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS via the in-game mail system, you will then answer 5 questions in order to demonstrate your understanding of our game-world.

The Mirror - for PROPER managers who REALLY want it!!!!!

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Re: The mirror your team in real life league (i.d: 161383)

Please pardon my ignorance and do not take offense but I was wondering...

I saw different gameworlds with similar rules (only buy/sell players that the clubs buys/sells in real life) and I wondered what is the point or fun in that?

You're basically taking away the only fun part of the game (building your own team) and you can only impact the success of your team with the tactics...which could be fun, on a game like football manager where the game engine is incredibly complex and realistic. But in a game like soccermanager where the engine and the tactics are..well...worthless honestly, I do not understand where is the fun/challenge?

Again, no offense, I am just curious about your point of view on that :)


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Re: The mirror your team in real life league (i.d: 161383)

OK let me try and give a more in-depth reasoning behind the idea for this league...

Uncontrolled transfer markets might be great fun in the short term but they lead to long term devastation:

- Leagues which have scores of 21 player 'ghost teams' in them- those which have been drained of all their major talent, infused with 34 year old untility players and long since abandoned - cursed to drift around the leagues like some kind of widow in mourning.

- On the other hand you have Mr general dictatorship who has managed to haul in 168 youth players in some kind of attempt to seize control of the transfer market - yeah right mate I really want to buy all my players off you for 15M apiece.

- Then there was the time I wanted something exotic - different players and different teams with all kinds of weird and wonderful names, so I looked in to the Argentina game worlds and found such breathtaking teams called 'Gimnasia la Plata, Vélez Sársfield or San Martín de Tucumán' .....and upon further inspection the same old crew turned up - Messi, Rooney, Gerrard, Drogba, Xavi e.t.c. and I found myself quite unable to get away from that, it just follows you around like a shadow and you rarely get the chance to escape it and play something different.

And I found all that to be tedious, annoying and unenjoyable not to say far removed from reality.

A brief history:

When I was a non gold member I too had teams such as Everton and VFB ladelled with the same old fantasy crew, but then I only had 2 teams and so it was the only way I saw the game - in hindsight quite a blinkered view. Just turf everybody out of the club and start from scratch picking only the best players available, and sucking up stars from recently become unmanaged teams with other managers like a pack of opportunist locusts. What I ended up with was a team called Everton but with players which in no way resembled the club in reality - but that didn't bother me then.

When I became a gold manager not so long ago I decided I would like to play teams with more authenticity, as I had far more options available to me with a 15 team capacity. I took over Juventus and Bayern in leagues just starting out and despite a couple of signings here and there my aim was to keep the teams at least 75% authentic. I began finding this a much more enjoyable proposition, this was truely the right way to play the game and I had just hit on it - the teams were beautiful and realistic, with a little of my own icing on the cake. Within a week or so my old Everton and VFB outfits just felt synthetic, far removed from reality, pointless and asthetically ugly, and I found myself quickly becoming devoid of any kind of enthusiasm for them. I binned them and replaced them with more beautiful models such as Napoli and the big Spanish and English sides I had pre-booked, but still with the intentions of just filling in the gaps here and there and keeping them 75% authentic. This to me was REAL team construction, real sculpture, authentic teams underpinned with my own 5 or 6 strengthening rods - now that's classy and discrete! Real teams which I could switch on the TV and see those players on the pitch playing for Napoli or Juve and thinking 'oh that's that Hamsik guy, what a great player....e.t.c.... I could relate my teams to real life and it all felt 100% better as a result.

Mirror your own team league:

It was then that I decided that I wanted 1 more option - a completely true to life league format with 100% authenticity, I searched the custom worlds but nothing stood out, nothing matched my exact requirements so I decided to purchase my own world and do the very thing I wanted - authenticity and a drive for dedicated managers who would turn up and do tactics every week and even speak in the forums - it's such an effort isn't it!

Now I am not saying this is the type of league for everybody, maybe only a minority of bores like me who want a totally realistic experience, controlled transfer markets immune from long term devastation and a real surge of excitement in January wondering what the real life outcome will bring for my teams! I also recognise that this league is for gold managers who have a lot of team allocations and want a few different options, managers who only have 2 teams probbably want to play them totally fantasy and you can't blame them for that.


I do realise that to many people such as yourself the major pitfall to this idea is a rather stagnant transfer market changing only twice a season, it takes away all the fantasy. That's why I am prepared to accept an 80% authentic rule which means for a standard 22 man squad a manager may purchase an additional 6 players from outside making it 6 in 28 ~ 20% brought in and 80% mirror. Though I still want the first 2 seasons to run 100% (that will run through the next transfer window so there will be some activity).

I am always open to feeback from anyone who chooses to give this league a go, but managers must abide by the present rules 100%, we will see if I can get 23 supermanagers like that within the next week or 2 - I hope so - but if not then it will have to run empty for a while until they eventually turn up - there is not a chance I am letting slackers in who haven't read the rules properly and inadvertantly pig everything up - I have no place or time for them in this league.



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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

......and deena finds herself behind the hopes and ambitions of Paris Saint-Germain this season.....'I was stuck between these and Juventus but I eventually plumped for P.S.G because they wear a lovely style of shirt' she commented to the press room??!

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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

So, Port Vale have the Barcelona starting eleven. In my book, that makes the PV manager the real deal on SM. Anyone can pick up a Barca, Real, MU etc and win trophies without even changing the original team too much. The guys who take on lower league clubs, especially in Gold Worlds, and take them to the heights are what Soccer Manager is all about. Dominate an empty Game World if it makes you feel good, manage a dozen or so 'elite' clubs if you will, but don't expect to receive any respect. Count me out of this one - this league will not attract any manager worth their salt.

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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

Hi guys,

Slight trouble with overseas managers applying to join the league in Spanish language I think, volunteers required to send said applicants the terms and conditions in Spanish or I will have to reject their applications.

Once again a very big thank you for the recent surge in applications - a few of you are over that hurdle now :-)


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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

PSG took all 3 points at home against a temporarily managerless Celtic, though the home side were given a jolt on 13 minutes as the visitors took the lead but goals from silva (29) and nene (32) ensured the home sides success.

In other news the whereabouts of deena was in question as the manager was absent from the bench - we received a text message just over an hour ago as the ever relaxed manager reassured us that she had decided to take a brief holiday to her Pattaya seaside retreat but assured us after a shopping stint, a massage and a day on the beach that she would be back with the crew come Wednesday 'they'll be calling me Ron Atkinson next' she quipped!!!

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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

Great Start For Madrid

Vieira MARCELO recieves the ball out wide and cuts out the midfield with a long ball.

HIGUAÍN brings it down and tries to roll the shot past the keeper.

GOAL!! - It hits the post and bounces in.

33 minutes in and Madrid were celebrating going 3-1 up. It was as good as it got for them but the work had been done early on in The Allianz Arena.

A well deserved 3 points to get the season up and running!

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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

PSG went down 2-1 away to AS Roma tonight in an ill-tempered encounter that saw 3 yellow cards dished out, goals for Pjanic(37) and Osvaldo(58) secured the home side 3 points, Van Der Wiel got on the scoresheet for the visitors - and yes, deena was on the bench :confused:

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Re: The mirror your team 80% real life league (i.d: 161383)

Barcelona thrash sorry Arsenal

Vamos Blaugrana steered Barcelona to victory against Arsenal.

Barcelona outclassed Arsenal and thrashed them 6 - 0 in their Division 3 fixture.

Iniesta scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Villa and Fàbregas were also amongst the goalscorers.

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